50 messages of peace and love to transform with small actions

has already stopped to think about how peace and love make life lighter? Not only yours, but also that of all around you! When someone goes well with oneself, they can convey all this to those near. In a world full of negative energies, why not try to make a difference?

Spreading peace and love out there is not as difficult as it may seem. Even these emotions are present in the simplest actions! You can make a better world being kind to everyone around.

How about putting it all into practice? Soon you will feel all the difference that good feelings can bring. Check out this selection of peace and love quotes and get inspired to spread the best you have!

Quotations of Peace and Love to make the world better

May peace prevail, may happiness happen, and may love remain here in our hearts.

Do not doubt the value of life, peace, love, the pleasure of living, finally, everything that makes life flourish.

Let’s make peace, make love, do whatever … but let’s do.

I prefer to lose war and gain peace.

Some do hangloose, I make peace and love. There are those who love the sea, I love a flower.

The magnitude of being humble is to be able to cultivate, in peace, love with one’s own hands.

The day dawned wonderful and full of life, radiating peace and love.

It is not the war that will solve the problems of the world, but peace and love among peoples.

We do not find peace in the love that people can feel for us, but in the love we can feel for people.

Peace is privilege, love is gift!

If peace and love is what is missing in the world, it is peace and love that must overflow from our hearts.

give up being right. Instead, radiate peace, harmony, love and laughter of your heart.

Never lose the peace and love that govern your heart!

Peace is not what we find in a place without noise, no problem, no hard work, but which allows you to keep calm in our hearts, even in the midst of the most difficult situations.

May peace, love and hope always be your war cry.

Faith is the fastest road to peace and love.

Peace and love are simple things to find in smiles and looks, in the hands that extend to help, in generosity.

Peace and love in the heart always!

A mind in peace is a heart prepared to love!

The Path of Peace is the same as love, for one lives in harmony only when we love and we are loved!

The peace that love brings is one of the most precious things we can have.

Better than a thousand hollow words, it is the word that brings peace.

If you cultivate love and peace in your life, harmony and happiness will be within your reach.

Love is the hope of peace and the ideal weapon against war.

Peace is not thought to avoid life and love.

Peace is to seek serenity within us to live with joy with good times, have strength and good ideas to face problems and solve difficulties.

The world needs peace as the heart needs love.

Cultivate peace, cultivate love, cultivate respect!

Peace and self-love cannot be bought, you must learn to cultivate them inside.

Inner Peace is your greatest treasure… Don’t let anxiety come to steal it, nor allow someone to destroy it!

Love is the Fuel of Peace.

love and peace go together when you find the right person to love.

If anyone thinks that “love and peace” is a cliché that must have been behind in the sixties, the problem is his. Love and Peace are eternal.

Peace calms the heart, but it is the love that gives you life.

I hope joy embraces your heart and there you deposit love and peace.

I believe in peace. I believe in mercy.

Preserve your soul, filter your life and let enter only what gives you peace and love.

Never lose hope in what a genuine love can bring!

Peace is not something you want, it is something you do.

Breathe peace and sigh for more love in your life.

When there is happiness and peace, love is intense!

Peace and Love form the best of all couples.

My soul asks for life, asks for peace, asks for love!

To feel better repeat for yourself these words: peace, hope, love and joy!

I want to take peace and love with all the heart.

From everything we find and expect from life, it comes down to two words: peace and love.

My serenity is fed up with peace and love!

yes to peace, love and not hatred and sadness.

Peace and Love You should not look for later practice, but to practice later.

I use my faith asking for peace and love!

Was it excited and full of energy to make a difference with peace and love? So remember that doing good is a constant job and we can’t give up continuing to spread the affection around! Check out this list of love quotes for others that will help you with this mission!

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