50 messages of childish purity that teach us about life

Children carry a great innocence in their hearts. They do not judge, do not lie, do not betray and still see life with more lightness and joy. For you to learn from her special way, check out the best child purity quotes and carry that feeling with you at all stages of your life!

Child Purity Quotes To learn from this look of simplicity

Children have a unique way of seeing life, it is a way without prejudice and greed.

The biggest mistake of adults is to lose the purity they had when they were children.

No child should go through a situation that takes off their purity before the time.

Those who had all cultivated the purity of children in our hearts. The world would be a better place.

Children teach us with their innocence that there is always something good in people, we just need to try to see it.

To be a child is to be happy every day because your innocence makes you see the good side of life.

The look and smile of a child carry the most beautiful thing in the world: purity.

I get the purity of children because they do not look at people judging who they are and what they have.

a child’s purity is light and beautiful. It is something that adults had to carry more.

The soul of children is transparent and that is what make them so pure.

Children do not lie because they are pure. They recognize the value of the truth from young.

keep in you the purity you had as a child to live more lightly and less fear.

Children are pure because they have not yet been marked by the difficulties of life.

What a good time it is to be a child, when nothing stresses because we are pure, delivered to the present moment and we see the good side of life.

When a child smiles, she is infecting us with her purity and her delicacy.

Next to children, we note that the world is much more beautiful than we perceive daily. For them, everything is a miracle.

In addition to a lot of energy, children have such beautiful purity that they help our world to be quieter.

The most beautiful thing that exists is a child who can be a child, who can be light, that can be pure.

For children, everything is new and it is this purity that make them like life so much.

It is the purity of children who allow them to see the world as a fun and cheerful place.

Being a child is being free, running, playing, being pure and not worrying.

Children are happy all the time because they are pure and see the beauties of life.

Only children can see beauty in life amid chaos and that consists of their purity.

Children’s sweetness can infect us and see life more purity.

a child’s gaze reveals everything she thinks because she is loaded with purity.

Children do not judge or have prejudice because they are pure and let each one live in their own way.

Children’s purity is the most beautiful gift God has ever given us.

I want to see the world as a child, who sees how beautiful he is and takes advantage of every second of his existence.

God knew that children had to be pure otherwise they would ever enjoy the beauties of early life, no wonder He invites us to return to this state of lightness to enter the kingdom of heaven.

It is so beautiful to see children discovering life and the world. It is a purity that we should never lose.

Without children’s purity, happiness would exist in half.

Children show their maturity by preserving their purity.

Life is beautiful by the eyes of a child. We should be more like them.

The smile of a child carries immense meaning, is a purity full of depth.

The error of humanity is to let pain take us the purity we had as children.

Children are not angels, but they carry an angelic purity in their hearts.

Children’s purity is food for adults in times of difficulty.

It is in the purity of a child that we find the depth of God’s delivered love that was small to elevate us to heaven.

Children carry a purity in their hearts like a superpower because they always encourage us when they smile at us.

Learn to live as a child who is pure and always surprised by life.

It is better to be a child than wanting to understand the world.

purity in the heart, purity in thought.

Children are linked to God by the purity of their hearts.

I get the purity of children’s response … It’s life, it’s beautiful and beautiful!

No one will never be able to go to the bottom of a child’s laugh.

let the children come to me, because of them is the kingdom of heaven.

Innocence is not ashamed of anything.

In this life, one can learn three things from a child: always being happy, never being inactive and crying hard for everything you want.

Hold the child of the child inside you. For her, nothing is impossible.

The simplicity of children is what comes closest to the love of God.

May you carry this purity within the heart at all stages of our lives. There is still a lot to learn from children, see our quotes about playing and note how lighter they are because they have fun!

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