50 messages from Machiavelli for those who like reading about politics

Considered the father of modern political thinking, Nicholas Machiavelli was a philosopher who dedicated herself to the study of state and government. Some of its positions were considered contrary to morals, which contributed to the construction of the Machiavellian adjective, originated from its name. To understand more about the theory of this great thinker, check out famous Machiavelli quotes!

Machiavelli quotes for those who admire the work The Prince

In fact, the way we live is as different from the one how we should live.

The desire for conquest is very natural and common; Those who succeed in conquest are always praised and never censored.

Men are so simple and obedient to the immediate needs that the one who deceives will always find who is fooled.

Truth tells those who claim that bad companies lead men to the gallows.

Prince Prince will therefore adopt a third way, choosing as wise men and giving them freedom to speak the truth.

In the actions of all men, especially those of the princes, when there is no judge to appeal, what is worth is the end result.

Ghosts cause greater fear from afar than closely.

It is a common addiction to all men not to care about the storm in the last of bonanza.

What is beginning, has an end.

It is worth doing and regret, than not doing and repenting.

Men when not forced to fight for necessity, they fight for ambition.

I believe it can be admitted that luck is referee in half of our acts, but allows us to control over the other half, approximately.

Prudent men always know how to take advantage of the acts to which need has embarrassed them.

Nothing is more difficult to perform, more doubtful to succeed or more dangerous to handle than starting a new order of things.

The closer man is from a desire, the more he wants; And if you can’t do it, greater pain feels.

We hated both doing both as well as doing evil.

Prejudices have more roots than the principles.

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at men around him.

A change always leaves levels for a new change.

To well know the character of the people it is necessary to be a prince and to know that of the prince must belong to the people.

Time throws all things ahead and can turn good into evil and evil into good.

All action is designated in terms of the end it seeks to achieve.

Where willpower is great, difficulties cannot be.

A war is fair when it is necessary.

It is not the intention that validates an act, but its result.

Men offers for fear or hatred.

A wise prince must observe similar modes and never, in time of peace, to be idle.

When a man is a good friend, he also has good friends.

How dangerous it is to free a people who prefers slavery!

Today’s allies can become the enemies of tomorrow.

Few see what we are, but everyone see what we look like.

A corrupt people who affect freedom has greater difficulty keeping it.

Men forget the death of the father more quickly than the loss of heritage.

Men hesitates less to offend those who make themselves love than to offend who is fearful.

Who of pleasure deprives and lives among torments and fatigue, from the world does not know the mistakes.

To friends the favors, the enemies the law.

Even well -sorted laws are powerless in the face of customs.

I believe that one of the essential principles of wisdom is to abstain from verbal or insult threats.

Where there is a strong will, there can be no great difficulties.

Government is to make believe.

It is better to be feared than loved.

The ends justify the means.

There is nothing more difficult or dangerous than taking ahead in the introduction of a change.

Politics has at least two guys. Which is exposed to the eyes of the public and the one that transits behind the scenes of power.

Weapons must be used ultimately, where and when other means do not quite.

It has never been sensible the decision to cause despair in men, because those who do not expect good do not fear evil.

Men generally form their opinions guiding themselves before by view than by touch, because everyone knows how to see, but few feel.

to a prince it is necessary to have the people as a friend, because otherwise it will not be able to adversity.

I would never want to fall because you believe finding who lifting me.

Men change rulers with great ease, always expecting an improvement.

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