50 messages from God for today that bring blessings to your routine

Each morning you get a new opportunity to do differently and hear what God wants for you. He is the one who prepares everything, blesses you and takes care of the details so that your children receive the best. To trust the Lord more, check out God’s best quotes for today and fill your motivation!

God quotes for today that make your gift be more blessed

I trusted mine today in the Lord and I know it was my best choice, because he knows what he does.

Today I want to thank God before I start the day because I know he will take care of everything.

God’s most beautiful gift is life and it renews each day that is born.

For mine today, I want to live only the plans of the Lord.

I start the day on my knees talking to God and He will keep me standing before the challenges that will come.

Do not waste your time, talk to God today and let him talk to you too.

Today is a perfect day to be by the Lord, listen to your direction and obey your voice.

God is in charge of my life, he is the one who guides my steps and blesses my day.

Sometimes all we need is to talk to God upon waking up and He will bless our steps throughout the day.

God, thank you for today and for blessing me with much more than I need to be happy.

I thank God for this day and never give up on me. That I never stop seeing your care.

I feel the Lord’s care in my life, I see his touch at all times and I know that today will be a blessed day.

God, prepare mine today to feel your touch on everything and have many reasons to thank when the day is over.

I know today’s battles will not be easy, but I will be winning because God will be by my side.

I thank God for everything and I’m not afraid of what can happen today because I know that everything is the will of Him.

Today I will pray that God guide my steps, bless me and teach me what is best for me.

I may not understand what is happening, but I know that it is God who is acting and He will make mine today is amazing.

I don’t want to live my plans, I want to live the Lord’s because they are the best for me.

May God be the day that God will fulfill his promises and purposes in my life.

Today is the perfect day to feel the presence of God and allow him to use me for his purposes.

have you told God your fears? Talk to him and he will make his day lighter and his life more complete.

May the blessings of the Lord be huge in your life and you realize that you are not alone.

Smile because God is by your side renewing your strength and blessing you with a day full of surprises.

This is the time to turn to God, follow your commandments and fulfill your will throughout the day.

Today will be a good day, because that is what the Lord has prepared to bring us joys.

Today, you have everything you need to fight for your dreams because God will walk by your side.

Temptations in your life are no different from those others faced. God is faithful, and He will not allow greater temptations than you can endure. When they are tempted, it will show a way out so that they can resist.

God will flood your heart of blessings and peace today and you will have thousands of reasons to smile.

we make plans for our lives, but it is the Lord who guides our steps.

Come to me, all you are tired and oppressed, and I will give you rest!

is always the day to smile, thank God and allow Him to accompany you in all your steps.

For by the grace of God you are saved through faith. This does not come from you, but it is a gift given by God.

Sometimes God takes you the longest way, not to punish you, but to prepare you.

God did today with love, because he loves all his children and wants the best for them.

Dear God, you are my protection, my fortress. You are my God, I trust you.

My soul awaits only in God; It comes to my salvation.

Have faith and trust God. He takes care of his today, his tomorrow and his whole life.

At all times, I trust God. In what I do, I think of God. With whom I live, I love God. Wherever I follow, I follow with God. In what happens, God does the best. All I have is God’s blessing.

I don’t know what I do, where I stay: I’m very afraid, but I trust God.

I woke up healthy, strong and happy and I owe all this to the Lord, who blesses me today and always.

I await the Lord; My soul awaits you, and I hope in your word.

Blessed is the man who trusts the Lord, and whose confidence is the Lord.

Today will be a day of glory and joys because God has already prepared everything and wants to see you smiling.

God knows what is good for you.

No obstacle is too big when we trust God.

You may not have noticed, but God is taking care of every detail of your day and life.

Who is lost in God is found in this world.

Nothing disturbs you, nothing scares you, everything passes. God never changes. Patience everything reaches. Whoever has nothing to do with God. Just God is enough!

extraordinary things will happen because today is the day the Lord has prepared to give you with beautiful blessings.

May today be a day of hope, peace and faith. God is with us and will walk by our side all the time.

Trusting that the Lord is taking care of everything and doing the best for you, will make your days lighter. See also quotes from God in charge and deliver your dreams into Him.

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