50 messages from cold people to learn how to deal with disappointment

During life, we suffer many disappointments, pain and hurt. Some people choose close after passing them. They stop caring and demonstrating feelings in an attempt to protect themselves and prevent them from being hurt again. However, this can make them insensitive. To reflect on this reaction to life, we select the best quotes of cold people. Check it out!

Quotations of cold people to reflect on this reaction of life

Sometimes being cold is not even the fault of the person, it is just his way of showing that he has never received love and affection.

I became cold to protect myself from new disappointments.

Being cold is the only option of people who have suffered a lot because they are hot with people.

Do not let the disappointments prevent you from living the high temperatures that only love is able to provide.

What made me cold was the way people treated me when I opened my heart.

My heart was not always of ice, but it was like this after people launched cold water bucket in our relationship.

People’s indifference makes us colder people because we don’t want to be poorly treated.

No one is cold for no reason. People stay as well as reaction to what happened to them.

The problem of coldness is that it generates an endless cycle. The person becomes cold because he suffered and ends up hurting the other who will also become cold.

The days are hard for those who feel too much. With the intention of stopping suffering, people become cold.

Who is cold by nature resigns themselves to live for themselves. Sad of those who do not experience the heat of a delivered heart.

I’m not cold, I only treat people exactly the way they treat me.

coldness spoils relationships and makes it much harder for them to exist one day.

Who is cold, cannot warm up even with the warmth of friendship.

Frieza is a barrier that people put around their hearts so as not to get hurt again.

Cold people have no idea how much others hurt by acting indifferently.

Very cold people were already hot, but lost heat as life and frustrations happened.

Someone who cared too much and was not understood, has every right to become a cold person. However, only the reopening of the heart and the warmth of a new affection can remedy this evil.

Don’t be cold with those who have always treated you with heat and love.

The world will make us cold if we do not have the courage to fight this frost.

coldness bothers because we just want to be treated as we treat others.

If it’s cold with me, know that I also understand frost, the indifference of the soul will fall upon you.

The only destination of cold people is loneliness.

When we take everything to the personal side and do not filter things out, we become a cold person.

Because I don’t like cold, I try to keep myself as far as possible from cold people.

Cold people infect each other with their indifference.

It is possible to recover a cold person exposing it to the warm hug, but they have to want and you cannot operate miracles.

With each hurt, more cold I was staying and more I was closing to the world.

The only feeling that cold people can’t get rid of is sadness.

The fastest way to coldness is that of sadness and loneliness.

The natural reaction of those who were hurt is to close and only show their cold side to people.

I show coldness because I don’t want people to hurt my feelings anymore.

If people think I have no feelings, they will not be able to hurt me.

It was avoiding suffering that people stopped feeling anything.

Cold people live in a cocoon of repressed feelings and a lot of pain.

It is not healthy to be too cold or too hot. The healthy is to find the balance.

Cold people have developed the ability to hide everything that makes them human.

Behind a cold person there is a large baggage of disappointments and pain she wants to hide.

The problem of cold people is that they start hurting people who have nothing to do with their pain.

I already got hurt too much and suffered too much and, to avoid it all, I decided to freeze my heart.

When we carry a big baggage and do not divide with anyone, we become cold and sad.

The problem of people is to give up dealing with their own feelings and simply close.

Becoming a cold person is a lack of maturity in dealing with what happened to you.

It’s too sad to be cold and feel nothing. This is living in half.

I have pity for cold people because they will never enjoy life completely.

Instead of closing, try slowly to open to the people who will really take care of your heart. All humanity cannot pay for one person’s mistakes.

Not all people are bad. You just had the unlucky to open to the one who hurt you and made you a cold person.

The heart when freezing needs a hot and willing person to help you melt these barriers.

Usually, it is the most sensitive people who become cold to no longer suffer.

There should be no coldness in relationships because it prevents them from growing.

Unfortunately, not everyone can handle disappointment in the best way. See also our coldness quotes that show more reasons that can make a cold person!

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