50 messages for special friends that celebrate true friendship

Everyone needs friends. They are the family that we choose the finger. They are on our side at all times in life: whether in bad times or in good time. And to celebrate such wonderful friendships, the tip is to check out these quotes for special friends and share with those more beloved.

Quotes for special friends who are full of affection

Special friends guarantee the most unique and amazing moments of life.

Friendship develops happiness and reduces suffering, duplicating our joy and dividing our pain.

I prefer to die your friend than to break some mysterious link and lose you forever.

Dear friends and special we keep as if it were a treasure!

It is very difficult to find special friendships. They take a long time to appear, but when they arise in our lives, they make us forget the bitter moments of loneliness.

true friends are those who support your happiness, because at a difficult time anyone approaches you, but your enemy would never support your happiness!

Well the saying goes: friends are the family we choose! And I want to have you always by my side.

Life is only worth it when you have true friends by our side. And I have the great luck to have you!

True and special friendship is what is carried in the soul. Neither time nor distance separate.

All your heritage is your friends.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

We signed our cards with the lyrics of best friends forever. You have millions of ways to make me laugh. You look at me and I’ll be back. It’s great to have you around.

Sometimes a special friendship is born from the most unusual situations and last a lifetime.

And over the years, our friendship will never die. You will see, it’s our destination. You have a friend on me!

Our friendship is special and eternal. I love you so much!

The bonds that unite us can never be untied. No matter what happens, I’ll always be here for you.

You are a special friend, it helps me grow when I exalt my qualities, making me be proud of them, when I extract the best of me, omitting the defects that I would even like to hide.

You will be here until the end. You put me on top when something is not right, talk to me until the evening sighs, until everything is fine again. You are a true friend.

Specials are all those friends who are breathtaking and are not content to be just company.

A special friend is on our side for whatever comes and comes, whether in good times or in bad times.

You just need to scream my name and you know, wherever I am, I have been running to see you again. You have a friend.

fate made us friends because no mother would hold us like brothers.

Time goes by, things change, people move away. But special moments and friendships, we never forget and carry forever in the heart.

tears in victory, always in defeat or glory. It is light in darkness, we are one heart, always alive in memory. It is part of my story. Nothing will separate us. Friendship is everything!

My dear friend, I want to be by your side always, because with you even the bad times have seen good stories.

friends will be friends when you need love. They will give you affection and attention. When you are tired of life and hopeless, extend your hand, because friends will be friends. Until the end.

Special friends are flowers in the garden of life. They start like a reliable seed, watered with smiles and tears. Grow and become love and loyalty.

A special friend is one who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you the way it is!

If I’m far away I feel them around. No one will never separate us. They keep all my secrets. It is a treasure to our friendship!

friends are special people who make a big difference in our lives. Even in difficulties, they make us see details of a happy and colorful world.

How beautiful is life when you have special people to share.

Special and remarkable moments are always lived alongside unforgettable friends.

Friend is something to keep under seven keys inside the heart.

friends are like angels who put us standing when our wings forget how to fly.

A special friendship is a very genuine feeling. We just feel and know.

Friend is something to keep on the left side of the chest, even if time and distance say no. Even forgetting the song, what matters is to hear the voice that comes from the heart.

Friend: A being that life does not explain, which only goes to see another born. And the mirror of my soul multiplies.

It is in the small details that we perceive special friendships. In the conversation of a bar table, on the living room floor playing one, on a lazy day in front of the sea.

Blessed are friends who believe in your truth or point you to reality. Because friend is the direction. Friend is the base when the floor is missing!

There are people so special that they become indispensable in our lives. You, my friend, are one of them.

A lot of people come in and out in your life over the years. But only special friends leave impressions in your heart.

and that is why it is said to be difficult to have a friend, because being a friend is not easy. And that is why it is said that loyalty is priceless and that friendship is the reverse of loneliness.

To have friends is to fraternize with the universe in its entirety.

Special friends are gifts from God, they are people who stroke our soul and are affection in the form of presence.

Special friendships like yours are difficult to find. And that’s why I want to have you in my life forever and ever.

The special ties that united us are eternal and there is no one to break. I love you so much, my friend!

The most special friends are like the stars. We don’t see them all the time, but we know they exist.

My most beautiful and special memories are all marked by moments I lived with my dear friends.

A special friend celebrates your achievements and wipes your tears in moments of sadness.

sincere and heart friends do not separate when they follow different ways.

Life is much better when there are special people on our side, isn’t it? But if you have already deceived with some friendship, these quotes for false friends will make you reflect on the values ​​of friendship.

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