50 messages for a distant friend that are like cozy hugs

Throughout life, we begin and end many relationships, but some people become eternal. Regardless of the distance, narrowed ties do not break up and friendship remains the same. We have selected the most beautiful quotes for a distant friend who will help you put your feelings into words. Check it out and share with those who, even far away, is always in your heart.

Quotes for distant friend full of tenderness and longing

When two hearts are intertwined by true friendship, it is never too far to be with your best friend.

Friend, even distant, let’s do this: I take care of you and you take care of me. May our friendship win all kilometers! We will remain together until the end!

Friend, you are like a star, even distant, your brightness illuminates me and captivates me. Stay being that beautiful person, full of light.

Friend, you unveiled the map of my heart! Even distant, I want to tread the ways of life by your side. I miss you, come visit me!

Friend, despite the distance, you are always present in my life. Thanks for the partnership and affection. May our friendship overcome all obstacles!

The longing tightens, the distance is great, but our friendship is giant. Friend, you are one of the most important people in my life. I’m telling the days to give you a bear hug.

True friendship, distance does not separate and time does not erase. Friend, your name is written in my heart. You can always count on me!

friend, we are so distant and my longing is so great! But for you, I go to the end of the world. Get ready! I’m making my bags to visit you. I love you, until soon!

No matter the distance, wherever you are, this will be the destination of my vacation. By your side, friend, life is much more beautiful!

Friend, the distance does not change the fact that we have always been side by side. I still want to build many memories with you. I miss infinite! A bear hug!

Friend, you are like a sunflower that sprouted in the garden of my life and filled me with charm. Our friendship is rooted in the soil of complicity. Distance will never destroy our union.

Friend, when you left, I found that you can live distant and always continue around. You taught me a lot about the meaning of true friendship. I miss you!

That person who makes you laugh loudly with a message! Friend, the distance was not able to destroy our intimacy. I love talking to you!

friend, we approached very fast and today we are miles away, but not even eternity would be enough to distance our friendship. Longing! You are in my heart.

No matter the physical distance, the important thing is that we are deeply connected. Friend, your friendship is very important in my life. I wish you light, joy and harmony!

Just as the sun cannot embrace the moon, but it needs it to shine again the next day, the distance prevents me from being by your side, friend, but I need you in my life to continue shining. >

friend, we may even be a long time without seeing or without talking, but when we meet, friendship is the same. Know that, despite the distance, you are in my heart.

Friend, when you leave, you left a little of yourself. I am our memories, our shares and much of what I learned from you. May the distance always be shorter than our friendship.

There are people who, even close, are always far away, but you, dear friend, even distant, are always present in my life. I’m very grateful to have such a beautiful friendship!

friend, when the longing tightens, look to the sky, because no matter the distance, we will always be looking at the same sun or the same moon. You are very important in my life.

Friend, we follow different ways in life, but no matter the distance, I will always be here for you. When you need it, you can count on me! Your friendship is very important to me.

When friendship is everything, the distance becomes nothing. Friend, you are in my thoughts. I feel a giant longing for your company! A very affectionate hug. I love you!

Friend, the distance prevents me from being by your side, but my heart will never forget you. You are my soul sister. May our friendship last forever.

Friendship cannot be measured by physical distance, but by the force of feeling. Be sure, friend, you are very important to me. My affection for you is the size of the universe.

Friend, the distance cannot separate us, as our souls are connected. We are sisters of heart, united to the end! Your friendship is my most beautiful gift.

Friend, I miss you so much! It has been very difficult to deal with the physical distance between us. I would like to give you a hug, sit beside you and talk about life. As soon as possible, let’s combine to miss the longing.

The geography and metaphysics of friendship is unaware of the laws of space and time. Friend, I think of you and feel your loving presence. Know that you will always have home and warm in my heart.

Friend, that our friendship overcomes the physical distance and do not let the weather erase the beautiful complicity we build with such affection. You are light and comfort in my life.

Friend, let’s make a pact: that the distance never interferes with our friendship. Regardless of everything, we will follow together, in the sorrows and joys. You fill me with happiness.

friend, I know life is running, but I will always have time for you; I know we’re physically distant, but I promise to spend the holidays by your side. You are my soul sister, the family I chose for me. I love you!

friend, longing hurts, but when we meet again, I’m sure the joy will be immense. That the distance never delete the flame of our friendship. By your side, I am stronger and happier.

Friend, even far away, when you are scared, I want to be your safe haven; When you are sad, I want to comfort your heart; And when you’re happy, I want to laugh by your side.

Friend, despite the physical distance, you are a constant presence in my thoughts, listen to your advice and remember your smile. I miss you!

friend, you are my most beautiful longing. The distance only increases the affection I feel for you. Soon we will be together again, in the meantime, receive my hug and never forget me. I love you!

Friend, I have never doubted our friendship, but now that we are physically distant, I realized that having you in my life is a matter of happiness. I need your company! I miss you!

With you, I want to share the best moments of my life. No matter the distance, you will always be the first person to know about my news. The longing is immense, but our friendship is even greater.

Friend, your friendship is as important in my life as the air I breathe. You are one of my greatest inspiration! I admire the wonderful and loving person you have become. May the distance never separate us!

Friend, you have the biggest heart in the world! I am very grateful for your friendship. Make sure time will never erase the marks you left in my life and the distance will never prevent our reunion.

Many people came in and left my life, but you, a friend, even distant, remain present. We share so many beautiful moments! May time allow us to build beautiful memories together!

Friend, when you left, I found that friendship is able to travel for many kilometers and stay the same. I was afraid to lose you, now I’m sure our partnership is forever.

You won the title of best friend in my life and do not accept return! I know we are distant, but together we will overcome all obstacles. I love you a lot!

As much as cloudy days, the sun never forgets to shine; As far as we are distant, my heart will never forget our friendship. Friend, with you, I have the most beautiful relationship of my life.

True friendship does not require physical presence, only loyalty. Friend, the distance cannot separate two accomplices souls. Always count on me! I love you!

Cultivating a distance friendship is not easy, but you, friend, make all our effort worth it. It is a huge gift to have you in my life. I miss you!

Friend, I miss you! Any of these days, I go crazy, pack, I beat the distance and I will knock on your door. I really need to have a coffee with you. I love you a lot!

friend, you always know how to comfort my heart. The distance was not able to break our bond. An infinite hug and I’m missing you. May our friendship be eternal!

friend, the longing is so much that I would like to teleport to you and fill you with hugs! As I can’t, receive all my affection. The distance is not enough to separate our friendship. I love you!

Friend, if the longing is the price we pay for liking someone so much, I’m full of debt, because I miss you immensely. May our friendship win the longs and let our hearts never distance yourself!

Friend, the distance fills me with longing, but I’m happy to see you following your dreams. Wherever you are, know that I am cheering for your success. Keep shining. A hug!

Friend, the distance is like a stone in the shoe: it bothers a lot! But if we continue to walk together, we will overcome any obstacle. On vacation, I will visit you!

Regardless of the distance, always keep the flame of friendship on. Check out the quotes of affection for friend and heat the heart of who is constant presence in your life.

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