50 messages about money to reflect on this precious and dangerous asset

Money is a very precious good, after all, in our society we need it for many things, such as housing, food, studies, leisure and more. However, the currency is also caused by many conflicts. What do you think about this? Check out money quotes, reflect and form your opinion on this complex theme.

Funny money quotes

Let’s start relaxed, because jokes about money are very funny. It is also possible to discuss this theme through sarcasm. Check out the quotes below and have fun.

The most sensitive part of the human body is the pocket.

I was always poor, but this month I am congratulated!

Jesus does miracles and gives, man does not do miracles and sells.

Don’t throw me indirect. Throw me money.

I hate money, but I hate it further.

Don’t try to pay your taxes with a smile. Inspectors prefer cash.

Money is not in the slightest importance, as long as we have a lot.

Young people today imagine that money is everything and when they get old, they find out that’s right.

falls meteor, falls internet, but no money falls on my account.

I can only withdraw money if it goes with the help of a bomb!

Quotes about money and love

Money Buy Love? Some people say yes, others disagree. Below we present a range of quotes that are ideal for thinking about the relationship between money and love.

Money has come to confuse love.

and when the love of money, success, we are blinded, we know how to take pauses to look at the lilies of the field and the birds of the sky.

Money is exactly like love: you don’t think of anything else when you don’t have it, and you only think about it when you have it.

While the love of money is greater than love of neighbor, humanity will have no prosperity.

Money does not buy love, but it is a good attraction in the time of flirting.

Money buys even true love.

Things that money does not buy: love, dreams, happiness, desires and dignity.

I prefer to be poor and have true love, than having all the money from the world and not knowing love.

Money brings moments of joy, but only love brings genuine happiness.

In the garden of life love makes us flourish, while money makes us dry out to the roots.

Quotes about money and happiness

and happiness, can money buy it? This is a complex theme that can be explored with some quotes we listed below. Check it out!

Money just does not bring happiness to those who do not know how to spend it.

Money cannot buy happiness, but it will bring you a more pleasant form of misery.

Money does not bring happiness, does not fill, the smile of a cool, the longing of a relative.

money does not bring happiness. Mand to search.

This story that money does not give happiness is a rumor spread by the rich so that the poor do not have much envy of them.

Money is nothing, does not buy happiness! Says the person who never suffered from his lack.

If money does not bring happiness, give me yours and be happy!

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but buy everything else, which is almost the same thing.

Money does not buy happiness and poverty much less.

Who said money does not bring happiness is because it does not know the address of the store.

Quotes about money and friendship

It is also possible to make good relationships between money and friendship. The quotes below show that we can have several reflections relating the two themes, see.

Friends and Business: Water and olive oil.

Be careful when lending money to friends. You can lose both.

The friend must be like money, whose value we already know before we need it.

Before you borrow money from a friend, decide which one you need the most.

Be rich in what money does not buy: happiness, love, peace and wisdom.

Money is a material good, friendship is a invaluable good that transcends matter.

Wealth is even having to count on times when the heart squeezes.

Friendship is like money: easier to achieve than to maintain.

False friendship is the same as dirty money. Come easy and go easy.

If friendship were money, I would be full of false notes.


Finally, the relationship between money and character can also be discussed in citations. See below and reflect on the influence of money on character and vice versa.

The less money we need, we will be.

Many people spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.

In addition to not buying happiness, money is a powerful weapon in the hands of those who have never had character.

Money does not change man, only unmasks him.

Money is in some ways the fire of life. It’s an excellent servant, but a terrible master.

money buys a mausoleum, but not a place in heaven.

Money is like seawater: The more you take, the greater your thirst. The same applies to fame.

Money does not buy happiness, but destroys the character of many people.

money does not change anyone, but reveals the real personality.

Do not blame money or power for your lack of character.

Money is a complex theme that involves many issues to be debated. If you have been very concerned about this, also check out our selection of quotes to enjoy life to relax a little.

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