50 messages about lying that show the importance of the truth

Lie is never good. As innocent as it is apparent, it is always loaded with falsehood, disappointment and lack of confidence. We must be very careful with it as it is able to destroy relationships and all the good that is around us. See below important quotes about lies to learn to escape her! Check it out and share.

Quotes on lies and disappointment

Lie and disappointment go hand in hand, as one is a consequence of the other. To better understand this evil relationship, check out the quotes we selected!

Small lies, great disappointments.

Everything that starts with a lie, ends with a disappointment.

disappointment does not kill, but it makes a lot of feeling good to die.

Truth hurts, doubt erodes, the lie destroys.

Truth can hurt, but the lie is certainly disappointed.

Sometimes disappointment is nothing more than a way of seeing reality without illusions or lies.

A wrong word, a false gesture, a lie and everything collapses and turns into disappointment.

Follow intuition and listen less to the heart to stay away from things like disappointment.

The disappointment caused by a lie can often not be healed with a simple apology.

It seems that the world around me rotates around the lie.

Quotes on Lie and Confidence

Lying is one of the main factors that destroy confidence among people. Therefore, to avoid breaking this important bond, always choose the truth, however painful it is!

A lie is the output door that closes without a possibility of return. There is no key to open a lost confidence.

In an environment surrounded by lies, confidence does not address.

It takes many truths to gain confidence, but just a lie to lose it.

Lie does not increase the nose, it only diminishes confidence.

Liar people may be deserving of my forgiveness, but never my trust.

Lying is the fastest trail for the end of trust.

There are two things that most break confidence: lies and betrayal.

Don’t lie to someone who trusts you and don’t trust someone who lies to you.

Lie and confidence are opposite unable to coexist.

A drop of lie can contaminate a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrust.

Quotes on lies and falsehood

Always try to keep away from you lying and false people, as well as avoid being someone with such characteristics. After all, no one likes to be fooled, right? See the following quotes!

I prefer to suffer and cry with the truth, than smile and be happy for a short period of lies and falsehood.

There are two unbearable things: lies and falsehood.

Those who live on lies and falsehood leads an empty and sad life for not practicing the truth with you and others.

Lie and falsehood have a short leg. So relax, the fakes fall one by one.

I can’t stand falseness and lie, the truth can hurt, but it’s always more worthy.

While money speaks louder than man’s character, there will be falsehood and lie.

I have revulsion the falsehood, disgust of lies and aversion to judgments.

Be careful! Today there are people who even looking in the eye, have the courage to lie.

Lie and falsehood poison any relationship.

omission has the same degree of falsehood as lies.

Quotes on Lies Discovered

A lie, however small, will always be discovered! Check out our quotes about this delicate situation and send that indirect to show that you already know the whole truth.

Lying and deception are due and in the end everything is discovered.

There is no perfect lie! As well thought out it is, one hour will be discovered.

lips tell lies, but eyes count truths.

uglier than lying, is lying to those who already know the truth.

Lying is the basis of a construction that will fall.

When the lie is discovered, they ask to release, they say that it comes from insecurity, fear, shame, but it comes from lack of character!

lies go, but remember that they come back.

When your lie is discovered, all truths end up suspicious!

Before the truth of what the lies discovered!

Lies are created just before truths are discovered.

Quotes on lies in the relationship

A relationship must always be based on the truth, because even the slightest lie is capable of shaking its structures. In the quotations below selected it is possible to understand its danger in relationships. So always seek to avoid it!

I thought I lived a great love, but unfortunately it was a big lie.

When the lie begins, the relationship ends.

Do not allow the lie to attract you to the point of making you betray who you love.

All I wanted was a true love, but you just knew how to give me lies.

Love does not hurt. What hurts is betrayal, lies, disappointment.

If it was just to do damage, lie and then leave, I didn’t even have to come.

There are people who leave to live their lie in peace. Don’t insist!

The first and last lie you said to me, “I love you.”

lying is pure vanity of those who need to hide.

A relationship based on lies is not built!

Falsehood and lies go together, so both are able to generate disappointment. So we select intense false quotes so you can overcome it. Check it out!

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