50 messages about everything have their time that will help you slow down

Are you that kind of anxious person who can’t expect things to happen naturally and organicly? For know that you are not alone! There are a lot of people out there that is also like this, and to help reflect and calm the heart, the suggestion is to check out these quotes of everything has its time!

Quotations of everything has its time to live today without haste

There is no sooner or later, there is no right or wrong. Things happen when they have to happen.

Life is the result of the decision of each moment. Maybe that’s why the idea of ​​planting is so revealing about the art of living.

Living is planting. It is an attitude of constant sowing, of dropping into the land of our existence the most diverse forms of seeds

God marked the right time for each thing.

If you have to love, love today. If you have to smile, smile today. If you have to cry, cry today. Because the important thing is to live today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may not come.

If I made valuable discoveries, it was more for having patience than any other talent.

Everything comes back and back more beautiful! Back when you have to go back, come back when it is to be.

The world was not done in time, but over time.

We can sell our time, but we cannot buy it back.

Everything has its time and nothing is by chance.

Happiness is not produced by great fortune blows, which occur rarely, but by small advantages that occur every day.

Every day when I wake up, I don’t have the time you have passed, but I have a lot of time. We have all the time in the world.

Not everything is as we want, but everything is as it has to be.

If we want spiritual development, the practice of patience is essential.

Do not live in the past, do not dream of the future, focus the mind in the present moment.

Some people go and when they come back, they no longer fit our hearts. It’s not grudge, it’s time.

Time is an invisible chemist, which dissolves, composes, extracts and transforms all moral substances.

There will be a day that God will introduce you to a person and, after talking to them, you will smile and say softly: “My God, that’s exactly what I asked for prayer.”

I admire the one who knows that between “planting and reaping” there is “watering and waiting”.

Patience is understanding that everything has its time. That everything comes in the time necessary to grow, sprout, flourish. Accept the flow of life. Breathe the flow of time.

I learned that things won’t always be as we want, but we can’t give up. Everything has one why, everything has its time.

Each person walks at their speed, has their own time. We need to learn to respect the other’s time.

We cannot determine when something will work and simply hope it happens. We have to keep trying as hard as it seems. Everything has your time to happen.

Everything has its time. There is an opportune moment for every thing under heaven.

Nothing happens by chance and everything happens in the time it should happen. Always remember that.

The universe preaches pieces in us. He never gives us what we want at the time we want. So, always be patient and grateful!

Every thing has the right time to happen. So pay attention to what you are living now, as it may be an hour you have asked for it!

You need to know that everything has your right time to happen. Pray, wait, let God act. He doesn’t take long, he whim.

Time: It can be your best friend or your greatest enemy. And for that, just understand it.

Things happen unexpectedly and when they need to happen. So don’t try to hurry anything.

Don’t hurry, everything has time to happen. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s because it’s not time yet.

mysterious are the secrets of time. He gives everything and takes everything, when it is necessary.

The universe gives everything we really need in abundance, but only at the time necessary for our growth.

What happened, passed and taught you something. The future is still uncertain. So, focus on now and what is happening now.

There is no point in fighting over time, because it is mysterious, which acts in ways we least expect it, but at the right time and necessary.

Do not let anxiety consume you. Understand that everything happens in time due and the way it is best for each of us.

It’s no use being anxious, time goes on in the time you have to pass and things happen as they need to happen.

Understanding that things happen the way they need to happen and when they need to happen, it takes a huge weight off our backs.

Delivered and trust, because no one has control over everything and less about time.

Everything has one why. Even if you don’t seem now, one day you will understand the importance of all this.

When you least expect it, this pain will have passed and you will understand everything that happened in a more mature and strong way.

Do not despair. Everything is happening as it has to happen. Time is your best friend, if you let it be.

God knows what he does, God knows when he does and knows why he does.

Time heals wounds, brings new people and new opportunities. Let him do his job.

I know. It’s hard to be impatient and expect things to happen in the time they need to happen. But, there’s no other way, isn’t it?

Don’t get angi, God knows what is best for you, and at the right time he shows you the way.

It’s okay not to be well now, but remember: time brings everything we need when we need it.

Soon, you will see that all this has had a purpose and that time will still bring you wonderful opportunities!

Never fight with what is out of your control. Just wait and see that when it has to happen, it will happen.

We will never understand God’s time. Just trust in Him and let your life overflow.

Always remember to take a deep breath and let things happen according to your time. To continue reflecting on the topic, read these quotes on living today!

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