50 messages about culture to value diversity

We can define culture as a set of beliefs, knowledge, traditions and so many other aspects that build the human being. Culture varies according to the society in which people are inserted, which need to be respected. It is a challenge to reconcile different thoughts, but it is possible. Below, check out 50 culture quotes to learn to value each one.

Culture and Art Quotations

Some may say that art is what keeps us alive, or that it shows us what life is. In each culture, art happens in different ways. Learn more about this from the following quotes:

Brazilian art and culture: all that is good!

All arts contribute to the greatest of all of them: the art of living.

The art of a people is an authentic reflection of their culture.

Culture helps a people fight with words and artistic manifestations, instead of doing so with weapons.

The purpose of art is to give body to the secret essence of things, it is not to copy its appearance.

Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.

Art exists so that reality does not destroy us.

Great works of art are only large because they are accessible and understood by all.

Art is timeless, although it keeps the face of an era.

The function of art is not to go through open doors, but to open closed doors.

Culture and Tradition Quotes

Tradition is undoubtedly an important aspect when we talk about culture. It is responsible for keeping old customs in operation. However, it is a controversial theme, after all, tradition can be responsible for excessive conservatism. And you, what do you think about this? Form your opinion with the help of the following quotes.

There is no art without tradition, even though the transgression already has yours.

Tradition builds the values ​​and renewal of the mind transforms life.

The huge load of tradition, habits and customs that occupies part of our brain, bastard bastard the brightest and most innovative ideas that the remaining part is still capable.

Tradition does not mean that the living are dead, it means that the dead live.

In addition to the skills and inherited qualities, it is the tradition that makes us what we are.

Tradition is the personality of the imbeciles.

Innovation requires new ideas and education has a responsibility in the face of tradition.

keep the tradition and will be sure to always be the same, but throw it to the side and the world will be yours, to use as creatively as you want.

Few dress up, most are cultural traditions, with alien looks.


Indigenous culture is the traditional culture of the American continent. These original peoples have a lot to teach us from the resistance of their culture, which even after being massacred, persists day after day. Check out citations that will provide you with reflections on indigenous culture.

Indians are in culture, history and especially in the blood of Brazil.

Indians are our roots and we thank their teachings with great respect for their culture, knowing that we still have a lot to learn.

They told the first stories of heaven, moon and sea. They saw in nature the gift of life and the importance of preserving everything.

Wild is not the one who lives in nature. Wild is the one who destroys her.

All things share the same breath: animals, trees, humans. Air shares your spirit with all the life you sustain.

The history of Brazil cannot be told if we do not talk about the Indian and its contribution to our culture.

On the day there is no place for the Indian in the world, there will be no place for anyone.

Everything on Earth has a purpose, each disease to heal, each person a mission to fulfill. This is the conception of the Indians about existence.

We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

The ground in which we are is sacred soil. It is the blood of our ancestors.

Quotes on Northeastern Culture

The northeast region of Brazil is rich in culture, whether in music, arts, culinary and especially in its people. And what about the wonderful accent? Praises this grand culture with the following quotes.

Oxente, I love couscous with beefed, see?

northeastern is the one who has a strong soul, who scares his own drought. It is the one who breathes culture.

Northeast is the mulest of Bão!

The problem, boy, is that I have the passionate sea accent of this world. Beautiful that only the drop.

1,554,000 km² that leave no room for prejudice.

Northeast culture is beautiful, your hatred no.

I am from a land that the people suffer, but does not fade and seek to win.

The Northeast is greater than any prejudice.

May you never lack faith and heart to mode to giving up on our goals.

my oxent I proudly carry!

Quotes on Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a little different from the themes we have seen so far. This term concerns the way the company is organized, from practices to values. Having a strong organizational culture within the company makes the team feel part of all this. Below, get inspired by quotes on organizational culture.

Happiness at work is the result of learning to work as a team.

When the company’s discourse is not consistent with its culture, organizational falsehood is constant.

To think about the development and maintenance of the employee is to ensure the healthy organizational climate for the company.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go in group.

I’m part of a team. So when I win, it is not an individual achievement. In a way, I finish the work of a huge group of people.

Tell me where you work that I will say who you are.

amazing things in the business world are never done by a single person, but by a team.

If you want to change an organizational culture, give the example and tirelessly practice the new culture giving an example about what you want to change!

Business Management is like the weather forecast: knowing how to give the forecast in advance prepares the organization of your leadership for success.

Keep the company’s objectives for the entire team, so that they know the purpose of working.

No culture is inferior or higher than others, therefore, coexistence in society happens from mutual respect. To further exercise this state of mind, check out our selection of respect citations.

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