50 messages about choices for you to reflect on when following your path

What are you going to have lunch? How are you going to work? Are you going to travel at the end of the year or spend Christmas with your family? Our life is full of decisions every minute. Everything we do, the small or long term, depend on our personal choices.

These decisions, even the simplest and that appear to be insignificant, can transform various instances of our lives. Have you ever thought, for example, if you had taken a bus to work instead of driving? Numerous situations other than usual could have happened.

We selected a list of choices quotes for you to read and reflect on the decisions you made and have been making, how about thinking a little? Check it out!

Quotes on Choices of Life

Life is made of choices every second and there is no way to escape it! But each time we need to choose a path, there is a greater purpose behind it. Get inspired and reflect on this selection of citations about life choices:

You make your choices and your choices make you.

Life is made of choices. When you take a step ahead, inevitably something is left behind.

Each time you make an option is transforming your essence into something a little different from what it was before.

Life is the sum of your choices.

choices are not easy. Especially those that can change your life overnight.

You do what seems to be a simple choice: choosing a person, a job, or a neighborhood – and what you have chosen is not a person, a job, or a neighborhood, but a life.

falling is an accident, staying on the floor is a choice.

It is our choices, more than our capabilities, which show who we really are.

Life gives you several options, but you choose.

Life is made of choices and I chose to ignore you.

Quotes on wrong choices

At some point, we will surely make a wrong decision. Despite the consequences, they can also end up having a positive effect, teaching us some lesson we needed to learn. Reflect on all the wrong decisions you have already made with these quotes on wrong choices:

Sometimes it is the wrong choices that lead you to the right direction.

You have choices. Just don’t be sorry for doing the wrong.

You have millions of choices, so why do you keep choosing what you hurt?

Do not blame God for the consequences of your wrong choices.

Much of suffering is by your choice. It is the bitter potion with which the doctor within you heals the sick self.

The price of wrong choices is almost always very expensive. It’s loneliness, discouragement, disgust, tiredness…

Wrong choices, broken plans, useless desires, unnecessary wishes.

That we get rid of bad thoughts, the wrong choices, the wounds that do not close, the bitter people and the torments of the soul.

The life of us is like a menu, it has several choices … All the wrong choices are noted in the command, but one hour the account comes, everything has to be paid and one thing is certain: not cheap. /P>

I’ve made many wrong choices and I’ve been very wrong. But every fall taught me to look ahead. We can’t live life looking at what has happened.

Quotes on right choices

As well as the wrong choices, the right also governs our lives. But how do we know we are on the right way? This selection about the right choices will help you think more about it:

Happiness is the combination of luck with well made choices.

The merit of being able to choose is not based on making the right choice, but choosing what you believe you are right.

More critical look, less common sense. So we will always make the best choice.

The right choice is what keeps us alive.

We are all owners of our destination, each choice has a consequence, make the correct choices to reach the happy ending.

Make the right choice, but move on. The past was a great learning. Do you know the future? He is right there.

Choosing with the heart is really choosing right.

Always try to make the right choice; Repentance does not turn time back.

Making the right choice is not the least painful way, but it is the way that frees us!

Who makes the right choice, chooses to be happy.

Quotes on Choices in Love

Not everything is flowers in love and it also requires choices from both parts of the relationship. Have you ever had to decide something important in any dating or marriage? Read some quotes about choices in love and reflect:

of life, choices are born. Of the choices, a great love is born.

They say they love, but choose to hide everything. Who really loves does not lie or deceive others.

loving yourself is in reality the less selfish choice you can have, because the only true is to be loved, and the effective way to achieve this is not doing good just yourself.

Make choices! Have a love affair with yourself.

To this day, I believe that most of the time, love is a matter of choices. It is a matter of taking the poisons and the daggers from the front and creating your own happy ending.

The heart is not plowed earth ready to plant or tear a love. He himself makes his choices. The heart is indomitable!

love and I were friends, but I chose to get away from this friendship.

No one is to blame for being so loved, no one chooses who will love, no one is obliged to love anyone, love simply happens and marks someone’s soul!

Love is a decision, it is an oath, it is a promise. If love were just a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise of loving each other forever.

If on a day of sadness, you have to choose between the world and love, choose love and with it conquer the world!

Choices and Consequences Quotes

Any action we do during life has its results, unfortunately we are not immune to the universe’s return laws … This list of citations about choices and consequences will make you think better before deciding something, read:

We have the fate we deserve. Our destination is in accordance with our merits.

At certain times, men are owned by their own destinations.

Every action has a consequence.

You are free to make your choices, but you are a prisoner of the consequences.

Today, at this time that is yours, the future is being planted. The choices you are looking for, the friends you cultivate, the readings you make, the values ​​you embrace, the loves you love, everything will be decisive for the future harvest.

All choices made in the past will have influence on your future.

I am who I am today, because of the choices I made yesterday.

Today’s choices are the consequences of tomorrow.

When we make a choice, any choice, we are saying yes to one side and saying no to the other. So, some suffering will always be.

Living is this right, keeping yourself between choices and consequences.

There are several types of choices we need to make for a lifetime, but it is not always easy to make these decisions. Have you ever had to make important choices? This selection of decision citations will help you reflect on these moments, check it out!

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