50 loving messages for you to win over your bae every day

There are days when we woke up more in love and wanting to scream to the world how good this feeling is good, do you agree? This happens when we have someone by our side that completes us and makes our lives even more beautiful. So, nothing fairer than telling this person how happy they make you.

With a phrase of love, you will transform the day of your love and you will make it radiant. Therefore, we have selected the best love quotes that express your gratitude for having this person with you at all times, making your days even better.

Love quotes for girlfriend

It is great to realize that even after a time of dating we still fall in love with the same person every day. For you to show your love, we made a list of several love quotes for girlfriend. She will like to be surprised, send it right now!

God planted and chose the most beautiful flower in your garden and gave me, and this flower is you.

May everything in your life shine like your eyes, be wonderful as your heart and beautiful like you.

Happy is the man who has his friend, girlfriend and lover in the same woman.

You make me happy until one morning of Monday!

Your love is all I need to be complete.

I wanted to find words to make you understand that the most beautiful in me is you!

I want you. And with you to live all the beautiful things that love can offer.

Do me a favor? Take good care of my heart, because it belongs to you!

My definition is happiness and the reason for my smile is you!

If I could choose again, I would choose you again!

Love quotes for boyfriend

Want to please your boyfriend with a message of love and don’t know what to send? Here you will find the best love quotes for boyfriend who will show how much you love him and is very happy with him. Demonstrations of affection like this will further strengthen your relationship!

You are in my mind, my smile and my certainties.

I just want you. Biting me or kissing me, fighting or talking, good or bad mood, serious or smiling, I want you!

He is my angel. Only without wings.

I want to be your girlfriend forever. I love you!

When I’m in your arms everything seems so right. I know this is where I should be.

You are my dream, my love and my life!

Thank you all the time for finding you!

I don’t need a thousand reasons to smile, you’re enough.

And nowhere in the world will there be someone who makes me as well as you make me.

The love I feel for you is the one that the wind does not carry, the distance does not separate and evil does not destroy.

Short love quotes

There are people who like to send huge and others who prefer to be straightforward to say what they are feeling. So we chose the best short love quotes for you to say everything in your heart without wasting time. It may seem little, but that’s all your love needs to hear!

When I noticed, it was already love.

Everyone lives for a reason, mine is you.

Your love brought meaning to my existence.

With you, my world is better.

I give up the world to hold your hand.

Don’t leave you, I don’t change you and I don’t lend you!

Inside my chest I invented many ways to love you.

and the rarer perfumes, I would choose your smell!

I love even your chaos. I made it my favorite mess.

My happiness is priceless, it has its name.

Love quotes for status

A phrase of love in social networks status can be even more special than a romantic letter, because it shows all your contacts that you are proud of your relationship. Check out the best love quotes for status and surprise your big guy. Surely he will like it!

Love is care, love is affection, love is also friendship.

Balance is when the head and heart love the same person!

You do not have the slightest notion of your effect on me.

even from afar you do me good.

Love is not when two souls come together, but when two souls fit.

I decided to follow my heart and fate took me to you.

If I could order, I would wish you here with me.

You don’t know how many smiles I already gave just thinking about you.

I want to be in your arms, hold your hand, feel your breath, hear your heart.

Your smile illuminates my life.

Love quotes for WhatsApp

It is not always that we can be close to the person we love. At these times, a loving message by WhatsApp is a great way to miss you and show that you have thought of it. See the love quotes for WhatsApp we have selected and choose your favorite to send to the loved one.

You are the most beautiful page that fate has put in my life!

One day I was told that the smile is a way to show how much we like someone. Today I was wondered if I liked you, I just smiled.

Sleeping is good, but it could be better if I was clinging to you.

We both were made a lot for both of us.

Talking to you for 5 minutes makes me smile for 24 hours.

I don’t have all the answers, but one thing I know is that where you are going is where I want to go.

among a thousand others, you. Among a thousand smiles, yours. Among a thousand loves, ours.

I love you. And I never imagined myself loving someone with such intensity. No one but you would know how to wake up in me.

Never stop having a smile on your face, because I need it.

I want to show you every day that this love we feel is true and eternal.

I could see that love is in the air here. With that in mind, we have selected our other list of romantic quotes for you to continue pleasing your passion with love messages. Check it out!

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