50 love messages for a distant boyfriend full of affection and longing

Many will say it is crazy or impossible, but love goes beyond any negativity they can bring. It is a feeling that breaks down barriers, builds eternal unions and gives the courage to face any challenge. So we select beautiful quotes of love for a distant boyfriend who are perfect to declare themselves to their soul mate! Check it out.

Love quotes for a distant boyfriend who will surprise his soul mate

We were able to stay away from each other and yet cultivating so much love was the greatest proof we gave. You mean the world for me!

Our love goes beyond time and space, it resists with the strength of life. I love you!

Calm me to think that the brightness of the moon that illuminates my face also touches yours, as if she called two passionate souls.

Far or close, I feel your presence bringing me life and cheering for me. I love you as I love myself!

With you I found out how much a kilometer can be distant. Especially hundreds of them! I love you.

I hear your voice and it is as if you are with me. I wanted the warmth of your love close!

I keep dreaming of the day when we will share all our hours next to each other. I love you!

If necessary, I take a boat, I remove for six months, like fish, to see you. So to invent a big sea enough that scares me and that I give up on you.

I count the seconds to taste the sweet taste of your kiss. HEALTH YOURS, MY LOVE!

When you are with me, it looks like a national holiday and my whole body is celebrated, my love!

I close my eyes and imagine you by my side, looking at your sweet way and infinite love.

When you are by my side is it as if I lived in an eternal dream I never wanted to wake up. I love you!

Think of you as much as if I tried to bring you close to me only with the strength of love.

Although we are distant, we are more together than ever. You live in my heart!

I love you, I love your voice, I love your way, I love when you are close to me.

Each day that passes is closer to having you with me forever. I love you!

Time and distance are only details when I think of the immensity of love I feel for you.

Samely distant, you are the closest person to me and who understands me most. I would be nothing without you by my side, my love!

Every word that comes out of my mouth only says one thing: I miss you. I love you so much!

Who would say that I would find my metada so far from home, but so close to my heart.

Whenever I find you, there is a piece of me with you, saved. I always promise to go back to my love.

My body may be here, but my heart and head are by your side, my great love!

Dating with you is making sure that love overcomes any barrier and distance that the world puts in front of us.

I, who never believed in distance dating, here I am. Perfectly in love with you!

I miss you, I miss your hug, I feel that the world would be more beautiful with you near me. I hope the day I will have your love close.

I want you close, my love! The universe was unfair to us. How can he have put the love of my life with me, but so far?

I want to live close to you. I’m sure when the day comes to live on the side of each other, I will be the happiest person in the world, my love!

I wonder if I can get used to staying away from you and my heart always answers me: No.

With each day we passed away, I know that we are proving the world that we are made for each other and that our love is greater.

You call you every day, wanting to hear your voice. She does me so well and calms all my being when I’m sad. I miss you, love!

Even from afar, you have the power to know what to say and how to calm me. I miss you, my love!

I want to be by your side and face the world with you, my love.

I count the hours when we will finally be next to each other, an inseparable couple.

longing no longer expresses the size of the lack you make in my heart. I love you!

my love, every day I try to disguise the lack you make me, but my whole body screams looking for yours.

When two hearts meet, there is nothing strong enough to make them separate. I love you and wait for you.

In all my dreams you live, being by my side. I miss you, love!

Today I missed me. From your messy hair in the middle of my fingers, your soft skin and your mouth kissing me. I love you so much!

I never find the right words, but all I mean is that I love you and distance will change it!

Love is bridge for any barrier and distance. It connects us. I love you so much!

Although we are distant, my love for you grows more every day!

I’m missing you, our shower, the heat on my skin, your tongue.

I love to sleep on the phone with you as we dream of our future!

The days by your side passed too fast so happy that I am when I am with you, my love.

When you miss you, play our music and so we will be closer until we can meet again.

You live in my head every day and smile whenever I remember your love!

Far from everything, my dreams will get you. Come back to me, come to my world. I will always wait for you.

Even if you’re not here, love is here now. Even if you have to leave, love will not leave.

I feel alone, but I know I’m not, because I take you in the thought. My fear goes, I recover the faith. And I feel that someday I will still see you, sooner or later.

Once again I will leave you, but I’ll be back to see you. I miss you in my heart!

Love is the purest feeling and no distance is able to destroy it! Stay even more in love with our beautiful quotes of love.

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