50 love declaration messages for your wife because she is special

It is very lucky to find a person who decides to spend the rest of his life by our side. She is our companion, our support and the reason for our happiness. If you have found your great life partner, surprise by demonstrating the size of your love. Check out the declaration of love quotes for wife we ​​have selected and share!

Quotes of declaration of love for wife because she deserves to know that she is loved

I love you more and more and I fall in love with a new detail.

You are not perfect, but it is perfect for me. Even your defects enchant me and I learned to love everything in you.

My beloved wife, you are responsible for my smile being so wide and sincere. My happiness is inside your hug.

I can’t sleep without you by my side. You make all my fears go away.

I still completely in love with you. Your smile dismantles me, your kisses enchant me, you are the woman of my life.

You taught me that life gets better when you have love. Thank you for sharing your days with me, wife.

You are my wife, my partner and my great incentive. I wouldn’t be half what I am if it wasn’t for you.

I always dreamed of having a family, but I never imagined that she would be so beautiful and happy. Wife, I love you with all my heart.

Your strength always impresses me. I love your look at life and how you always know what to do!

Passing the rest of my life by your side is just what I need to know that the future will be happy, wife.

There is no more wonderful woman in the world. My wife is a work of art, carved by the hands of the best artist who ever existed.

I could spend hours admiring your smile. You are perfection in the form of a woman. I love our life and have married you.

May God continue to bless our love and protect us from everything that can threaten our happiness, my beautiful wife.

All anxiety about the future goes away when I remember you will be in it. I love you, wife.

Your way, your sense of humor, your smile and your heart are the most beautiful things I’ve ever been lucky to know, my love.

My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. Everything about her makes me want to have her in my arms and fill her with kisses.

I am completely in love with you and surrendered to our love. Everything in you enchants me and I can only thank God for having you.

I knew we would live a great love since I met you. Thank you for embarking on this adventure with me, my wife.

When I say it’s forever, it’s because I can’t imagine my life without you, wife.

I will spend a lifetime trying to repay the love you give me and the good you do, beautiful wife!

You are a gift from divine creation, you are the most impressive woman that exists, it is the materialized happiness. I love you, wife.

My love, just as you have always been by my side, I will be with you. I like to see you free, living your dreams and loving me lightly.

I just want to love you for all my life. I just want to be with you in all my days, wife.

Let’s get old together, let’s realize our dreams, let’s be each other forever, wife.

Throughout my life, I expected to find a love like ours. I waited for you, even before meeting you, wife.

What makes life fantastic is being able to share fears, achievements, dreams and joys with someone who really cares. Thank you for so much, wife!

Best of all in us is to know that we love each other to the same extent, with the same intensity and with the same truth.

God has prepared us for each other. We are the perfect meeting that only the Creator could have united.

The great milestone of my life was the day I met you. Everything has changed since that day and I feel fulfilled to have married you!

We are a pair in so much. We know the time to have fun, seriously, to enjoy and we know that love never ends.

Waking up by your side is the realization of my dream of always having you close to me, wife.

We are so perfect together that even our minds are always in tune. I love you, wife.

You are my wife, my partner and my mate. The person who chose me to give me all his love. I love you with all my heart!

Every day, thank you because you chose me. I love you so much, wife!

My love will not be a passenger, I will love you from January to January, until the world is over.

So great love has to be lived all the time.

You are the perfect woman to share my life, you are dedicated, intelligent, loving and owner of my heart!

Do you know that love that multiplies? Who has never dreamed of having this in life? Being a hero of someone and, better yet, to have the Wonder Woman side.

The heart shoots, stumbles, almost stops. I fit your smell and there I leave me whole.

Thank you every day for choosing you and accepted all the changes you made in my life, wife.

You are like this, a dream for me. And when I don’t see you, I think of you from dawn until I lie down.

I don’t want to sleep without your eyes. I do not want to be without you looking at me. I open the spring so that you keep looking at me.

The love I feel for you makes life light, makes me feel light and all I want is to love you until the end of my days.

Love is only beautiful when we find someone who turns us the best we can be.

For us, all the love of the world.

Since you came into my life, my days have filled with happiness that has no explanation, only love.

And it’s so your heart!

It was love before it was. It was yours before yes. It was us, before I could choose.

Sometimes I stop to analyze everything we live and I realize how lucky I am for having you. I love you, wife.

The greatest luck of my life was to have conquered your heart, wife!

That is not lacking love between you. Check out our happy family quotes and praise that you and your wife are building with such commitment and joy!

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