50 belated birthday messages to apologize for forgetting

Birthday is a very important date and deserves to be remembered always. However, the rush of everyday life or some unforeseen may prevent the votes to be congratulated at the right time.

Therefore, we listed the best late birthday quotes to help you want congratulations in a creative way and compensate for this forgetfulness. Share!

Late birthday quotes to ask for forgiveness to the birthday girl

late yes, but not forgotten! Happy Birthday!

Life is a million new beginnings moved by the ever -new challenge to live and make every dream shine. Congratulations late!

I didn’t forget your birthday, I just didn’t remember to say that I wish you all the happiness of the world on the right date. Congratulations late!

To compensate for the late congratulations I will fill you with desires with happiness, love and many successes. Happy Birthday!

Since congratulations is late, I wish you all the happiness and love of the world for you. Happy Birthday!

This year’s congratulations can be delayed, but the votes of happiness and success happen since the day we know each other. Happy Birthday!

I lost your birthday, but I won’t let the opportunity to wish you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations late!

Best wishes, love and achievements in your private New Year! These are my birthday votes, even if late.

Congratulations! My birthday votes are sincere, filled with friendship and carry an apology for the delay.

With a little delay, but still in time, I wish this new year to be the best of your life! Happy Birthday!

That my delay is not confused with lack of affection. Happy birthday late, but with a lot of love!

The words you will read will come late, but are sincere and were written with the heart. Have a beautiful birthday!

With delay, but with all my heart, I wish you a happy birthday!

One thing is delay, another is forgetfulness. The worst thing is that I committed both. Please accept my late votes for a happy birthday!

Don’t think I forgot your birthday! Even if you have passed, I want to wish your days amazing. You are a single person who has a lot of love to give and that is why you get so much love in return.

I forgot the day, but I will never stop remembering how important you are! Congratulations, a lot of infinite love, health and happiness!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday and I leave here my sincere, even if late. Cheers!

With delay, but much affection I want to wish you a happy birthday! I hope your day has been wonderful and received many gifts.

Punctuality does not determine the feeling, especially in this case. Congratulations late!

Happy Birthday! I know I was late, but I still want to wish a new year of great joy and peace!

unforgivable! I forgot your birthday! I’m sorry, I’ll make up for you. Have a happy year!

The good side of receiving congratulations outside is that we feel all the affection and love in more than one day. Happy Birthday late!

It is not because I forgot about your day that I forget about you and what we have. Congratulations late!

Happy Birthday late! Today, as well as every day, I thank God for your life, for meeting you and enjoying your company at so many good times!

I leave your birthday, but not the desire to see you happy. Congratulations late and many joys!

I may have been late, but I didn’t forget your special day. I still want to wish you a happy birthday! I hope your day was amazing and that the next 364 are even better.

I was late, but I think it’s still on time. Have a happy birthday and a wonderful new year!

May your life be full of emotions, joys and achievements. Happy Birthday late!

Happy Birthday late! I may have missed your day, but he didn’t lose importance to me!

And now, even being late to greet you for the passage of your day, I want to want you to be very happy!

Just to prove how much I regret forgot your birthday, next year I will forget mine. Happy Birthday late!

Your day has passed and my sincere desires of many years of life, peace and prosperity will be accompanied by an apology. Happy Birthday late!

I hope this sincere message is enough to forgive me for forgotten such a special day for you. This congratulations is a little late, but full of affection.

Happy Birthday late! It took me because I was choosing the gift.

I know your birthday has passed, but I’m still in time to wish a blessed year, full of joy and happiness. May it be a new phase full of success, love and peace.

Do you forgive me for forgetting your birthday? Congratulations late!

Even being late, my vote of a happy birthday and a full and happy life remain sincere. Congratulations!

I forgot and this has no excuse, but don’t doubt that I like you. Even if it’s not the right day, my thinking is there in you. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! I know this is not the right day and that I was late, but I still want you to know that I have a lot of esteem for you.

I apologize for the delay, but the desire for health, happiness and success in your life is the same. Happy Birthday late!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday a lot and that I can still give you a tight hug to be congratulated, even late.

I wish much happiness to all your life and may all your dreams come true. Congratulations late!

You deserve all the good in this life and I hope you can enjoy every second of this new stage! Happy Birthday late!

That my lack of memory is not seen as lack of affection. I forgot your birthday, but I hope you know that I like you so much. Happy Birthday late!

Please forgive this delay, because even if on the wrong day, my feelings for you and my vows of happiness are the most sincere.

I knew I was forgetting something important. Happy Birthday late!

I can’t believe I forgot your birthday! But you know that I adore you and wish you all the best!

I know your birthday has passed and I apologize for the delay. I hope you are still in time to wish you a good new year of life.

To congratulate you and wish you all the happiness in the world, I send this message, a little late, but with heart! Congratulations! May your life be illuminated!

May God enlighten every day of your life. Happy Birthday late!

Finding out who you love is very important, but it can be done in a few words and yet carry many feelings. So, take the opportunity to check out our selection of short birthday quotes and want all the best for the birthday of the day!

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