50 long-distance dating messages to dream about your love close by

Of course we don’t want to stay away from those we love, but sometimes we have no choice and we need to deal with the longing and the lack we feel.

If your love is not close to you, you will identify with our list of distance dating quotes. Check it out and share your desire to see you soon!

Dating Quotes at a distance to say that you wanted your love by your side

distance prevents me from seeing you, but does not prevent me from love you.

When it is real love, we even make the distance become an insignificant detail.

No matter the distance, because nothing is able to overcome the strength of my love for you.

No matter how distance separates us, if there is a love that unites us.

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now.

Even far I will always prove that my love is sincere.

Love, the distance only shows us how good it is together.

No matter the distance, we will always be together.

distance means nothing when someone means everything.

The distance brings the longing, but not the forgetfulness.

There is no distance that wither a love, when the roots that support it are stuck in the heart.

Distance is only a problem for those who need the presence to confirm what is inside the heart.

It will not be the distance that will dictate the end of our love. I’ll be waiting for you, honey!

The greater the distance, the closer to you I want to be.

To be together you don’t have to be close, but inside.

Every time you have to leave, a part of me goes together.

It’s hard to have to stay away from who you wanted to be close.

I can’t be with you now, but know that I’m thinking of you.

less distance and more you, please.

I wanted you to be here, or I was there, or that we were together anywhere!

I would be the happiest person in the world if the distance did not exist and you were here with me.

even from afar you do me good.

The only problem I have with you is that we are too far away.

You proved me that even with the distance you can be close.

Only great loves can overcome great distances.

While I’m away from here, think of me and I will be thinking about you.

Euteamo, so really together, because by far the distance is enough.

Eyes closed to find you. I’m not by your side, but I can dream. Wherever I want me to go, I take you in the look.

A distance relationship will always be the most sincere confidence proof you can give your partner.

My heart and my mind are linked to you, no matter the physical distance.

And I stay here, wishing you from afar.

Who invented the distance never suffered the pain of a longing.

I miss you every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Every day if I could I would be with you.

You have the gift of calming my heart even miles away.

I’m missing you so much, I can’t wait to find you again.

None distance will make me give up on you.

I need you. Near, far, whatever.

Maybe the distance is a test of resistance to love.

Who thinks that distance makes it forget, forget that longing remembers.

The distance does to love what the wind does to the fire: it erases the small and inflames the big one.

Love at distance may be hard at first, but in the end it will be worth it.

The distance may be great, but love is greater.

The distance does not decrease the importance.

so far from my body and so close to my heart.

You away from me, hurts.

Who said that to be together need to be close?

May each year without you bring me another ten years by your side.

distance creates barriers, love destroys each one of them.

I love the stars. By the way, I have a habit of loving what is far away.

The distance arouses in us a huge longing, but it is not able to make us forget who we love so much. See our list of quotes distance to relieve the lack of who is far away.

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