50 life reflection messages to learn from events

Life is made of learning, such learnings can come easier, but most of the time it comes through errors and failures, and everything is fine! It is necessary to make mistakes to progress, because from the failures we can reflect and find ways to improve.

Reflecting on the path your life is taking is important, because so you can enjoy it as best you can and will always be evolving. To help you with this mission, we have separated the best reflection quotes about life so that you can leave behind what doesn’t take you forward. Check it out!


Nothing in life will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

The best day of our life is always the one we are living, because only in the present we have the possibility of fixing past errors and the opportunity to prepare a better future.

Life is like the sea, sometimes high tide and other low tide, but you need to have the courage to dive to take full advantage of it.

Life is too short to be small.

Life is a long race where persistence and integrity are absolutely necessary to achieve our goals.

man studies a lot to learn more about what he wants to be, but sometimes he forgets something he didn’t even have to learn: the art of living.

Never put the key to your life in someone else’s pocket.

In life everything that is material is superficial and only the happiness we live and provide matters.

Do not fear the unpredictability of life; It is she who makes a real surprise every day and the victories achieved even more tasty.

A new day is a blank page in life. Write only what is worth it.

No more time reflecting on your life that actually living, because in this proportion the reflection makes you lose great moments.

Life is basically a Russian mountain. It has its ups and downs and most importantly: you have to make the ticket worthwhile.

Being important is from the ego, being happy is of the soul.

Nothing in life is definitive except the constancy of the present moment. Live today, but remember that today is yesterday and it is tomorrow too.

Do not let the wrong choices of the past make you fear those of the future, because the right way is to learn that failing is also part of life.

Life is now, thanks and goes.

Life need not be perfect to be scandalously happy.

A man cannot do the right one in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife while busy doing wrong in another. Life is an indivisible whole.

There is an immeasurable beauty in being exactly who you are!

Those who do not have a goal in life, waste a lot of time going through ways full of thorns that lead nowhere.

Blessing is the inner peace that no one can take. It is knowing how to forgive, love and understand. Is to feel divine inspiration from awakening to dusk.

Where there is calm, I observe. Where there is soul, absorb.

In a world of appearances, who lives in essence is really happy.

Freomes that the world is yours, and no one takes away from you.

The secret of life is not having everything you want, but love everything you have!

To live is to have a chance to believe that every day we can do more than we think. It is having dreams and hopes, guaranteeing us in faith, our greatest inspiration.

spend your time earning life, thinking more about solutions than worrying about problems.

Only what is good lasts enough to become unforgettable.

There is no lack of time, there is a lack of interest. Because when we really want, the dawn turns day. Wednesday turns Saturday and a moment becomes opportunity.

The value of things is not the time they last, but in the intensity with which they happen. So there are unforgettable moments, inexplicable things and incomparable people.

God gives you no more than you can carry.

There are things that words do not say, only express gaze and affection confirms.

Life is not measured by the amount of times we breathe, but by the moments that take our breath.

Remember: stumbling blocks, victories and falls is that experience is built.

Every person for whom we are affectionate and who is somehow part of our lives, it is in every way, irreplaceable.

Everyone wants the perfume of flowers, but few get their hands dirty to cultivate them.

For each laugh, there must be a tear.

The important thing is not to say, it is to know. Certain things are not said, because saying, they are no longer spoken by the non-say, which says much more.

Almost always, who least has, is the one who shares the most.

If you cling to the past, you are destined to revive it every day.

Somehow, someone knocks on our door every day and invites us to give up.

While the skin color is more important than the brightness of the eyes, there will be war.

I’m not better than anyone, but I try to be better than myself every day.

Don’t stay all day thinking about what to do, do it! Because if the world is over today you have to die proud to have done something.

He who exalts himself will be humiliated, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

How to explain that crossing arms is a problem and that life lasts only a minute?

If we want to follow Christ closely, we cannot look for a comfortable and quiet life. It will be a committed life, but full of joy.

The optimist err as much as the pessimistic, but does not suffer in anticipation.

Planting is optional, but spoon is mandatory. Your life depends on your choices.

The truth is so precious that it needs so many lies not to be revealed.

Some events come in our lives as a blessing, others as a lesson, but the important thing is always to reflect and take learning from each achievement or defeat we will have during the way. Love, on God, among other subjects. Check out our list with reflection quotes on time and allow yourself to follow your pace.

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