50 I miss you messages to move special people

longing is a feeling caused by the distance from someone, who is able to leave us sad and thinking about this person 24 hours a day.

Therefore, we select you missing quotes from you who will help you express your feelings and make it clear how much you want this person always around. Choose your favorite phrase and share!

missing you for those who can no longer suffer from the distance

and there is no medicine that heals me this longing for you.

I feel a big emptiness, because the miss you are many, but the chances of being together few.

We haven’t said goodbye yet, but I’m already missing you!

I miss you and all the special moments I’ve ever lived by your side.

I miss you, wanting to be in your arms again without thinking about anything else.

How could you not miss yours if you are part of me, my love and my life?

I miss you very much. I love you!

I miss your kiss, your hug, your smile, your voice, your smell … I miss you!

For me it is impossible to live without air, just as it is impossible not to miss you when you are far from me.

Wherever you go, I will always miss you!

I miss you so much that my heart is exploding you to miss you!

When we are far I try to occupy my thinking, but your image always wins, as well as the miss you.

and speaking of longing, where are you?

Feeling you are the most painful feeling, but also the hottest, because they miss love!

Lying for what? Yes, I miss you; Yes, I can’t wait to be with you!

I want to see you again … you missed you.

What I feel are missing, honey. I miss you that seem to blow my heart!

Life could be simpler and keep you by my side, because it is not easy to live with missing those we love!

When I think of you, I close my eyes of longing.

I miss the time we spent together. I miss you!

I will never stop missing you, because I will always be thinking of you!

I miss you and you haven’t even left yet.

I miss your smell, your voice, your touch on my face and a thousand and one things I miss and I will never forget!

Far from you miss you, because everything I live always want to share with you only.

It is a mix of sadness, pain in the heart and longing for you.

If you could see how my heart cries of longing would not move away from me or a second.

I miss you because without you my heart is incomplete.

They say the distance leaves a void in the chest, but in mine she only missed you.

Whenever I say “I can’t stand this distance anymore”, what I mean is “I miss you”.

I miss you so much that my heart is repeating your name all day.

Whenever I think of you my heart almost dies of your own.

There are many missing you, so many that seem to have no end. This distance does not end our passion, but it kills me infinitely of love.

While this distance is moving us away, I will miss you every day.

It hurts a lot to look for you everywhere and realize that everything that exists makes me miss you.

I no longer miss you; Now I miss us both in a way that goes beyond any of us!

I miss a hug, a word of comfort … I miss you!

From the bottom of the sea to the top of the stars is the size of the longing I feel for you!

When I thought I had already forgotten you, I missed me and reminded me of your name.

Whenever I miss you I realize the importance our love has in my life.

My heart hurt, I miss you.

My love, all I wanted most at that moment was to be able to run to your arms and snuggle me eternally. I miss you so much!

The problem is not missing you, but having to wait until you are in your arms again.

All I need is a hug that kills the longing I feel for you.

My longing for you is so big that it almost seems sin!

I well try to forget the emptiness of your absence, but the heart insists on remembering the longing I feel for you.

Not even our best memories can eliminate the longing I feel for you.

I may even expect a lifetime for you, but I miss you will ruin what our story already has to tell!

The longing I feel like is so strong that even our fights I miss!

This flame that burns me in my chest is the result of the longing I feel for you.

I miss lived moments and even nostalgia from when I was a child, but I miss you only you!

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