50 funny food messages for the hungry on duty

Eating is too good. It’s a great medicine for when you’re sad and a great way to celebrate the good things that happen in life. It is even better to be able to have fun with the hunger monster that lives in your stomach. Check out the best funny food quotes and have fun between one fork and another!

Funny food quotes that will calm your stomach

I admit that before confirming presence in the rollers, I need to know which food will have.

Dating is good because you always have someone to share food with you.

If food was free, I would be rich because I spend all my salary on food.

There are foods that are more pleasurable than sex.

I am looking for sincere friendship with those who pay snacks to friends.

When we become an adult and have money to buy the food we want, it can’t because it is bad for health.

If there was justice in life, Pizza would be breakfast every day.

I need to hide my chocolates from me except all at once and, when you want, there is no more.

cannot waste food. Therefore, scrape to the cheese that falls into the pizza box.

I never know if it is hungry or desire to eat, but to have no doubt, I always like.

money spent on food is investment in my happiness.

I love cooking, but I would like you to invent a way to make food without dirty dishes.

pain is when you lie in bed and realize that you are still hungry.

The bakery jam is the reason for the saying “on the outside beautiful guitar, inside, bread bread” exist.

I don’t want to date, but if you promise me to pay my food, maybe roll.

To conquer me, it’s easy. Just bring me food and not share it with me.

I do not diet because I am against torture.

To see me smiling, just look at me when you’re eating.

Delivery was invented to help those who do not know how to cook always eat something tasty.

I found that salt has a problem with me. Either he wants to be the protagonist of my food, or he wants to disappear.

My best friend is the food delivery that brings me happiness every day.

The problem of coffee is that instead of waking me, it hungry me.

Void in me is not lack of love, it is lack of food.

getting sad to remember that the older I am, the less I can eat.

The love of my life is food: it always rejoices and never implies me.

I don’t have a favorite food, I like them all!

If you see me stressed, know that I’m hungry. Just give me something to eat that the monster disappears.

I don’t lack chocolate because only then to survive without love.

With me there is no waste. Like my plate and my friends.

I can never eat little because my grandmother never left.

I feel betrayed when someone eats my favorite food without me and still tells me.

I don’t hide from anyone I like to eat. I don’t know why people scare when they see the size of my plate.

The only sincere and eternal love that exists is mine for food.

As we don’t take anything from this life, at least I’m enjoying eating a lot.

To eat well every day, I still live with my mother and let her cook.

In the rotation, I make the manager cry, I hurt the owner because I have to make my money worth.

They say that eating pizza is not healthy, that we need to eat more green in food, but this is because they have not experienced other flavors, such as arugula with dried tomatoes. Green the way I like it.

There are people who drink when it’s sad, I am and I’m happy at the time.

If someone loved me just like I love food, I would have an eternal love.

I can’t cook, but I can eat that it is a beauty.

Who said there is nothing perfect, it is because it has not eaten my food yet.

man’s best friend is the one who cuts onion for him.

When I’m sad, just cut onion to cry and no one notices.

There are even a food that I don’t like, but it’s just because I haven’t tasted it yet.

My grandmother is my best friend because she always wants to give me food.

I like the afternoon coffee institution because it is a meal before dinner you eat as if it weren’t to have dinner.

Don’t talk to me now, I’m digesting after eating a bricklayer.

The good thing about lunch a plate watered is to be able to take a nap after lunch looking like it will hibernate.

I get the character of people for how much they are passionate about food.

couple that works is a couple who feel hungry at the same time.

Be happy eating what you like best. And to harmonize the meal, check out our drink quotes and choose your favorite for the time to eat!

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