50 fitness messages to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle

attending a gym, walking or running daily, playing sports, among other examples, are means of health that have greatly improved their quality of life.

All of these activities provide much more than a physical and mental well -being, they encourage you to abandon habits that are not healthy.

Therefore, we select several fitness quotes that will motivate you to set aside tiredness, indisposition and laziness and start having a healthy life immediately!

Motivating Fitness Quotes

Trying to have a healthy life and achieve a good form is not easy, but with the necessary motivation this becomes a habit that will bring you wonderful results. This way, find in this category of quotations the motivation you need to have a fitness life you will not regret!

What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t make you change!

The expected result depends only on you!

Train to know that you can achieve anything your mind wants.

Motivation makes you start. Habit makes you continue.

Without sweat, there is no achievement.

Train, feed well and be patient. Your body will reward it.

Do not waste time mentalizing the size of the ladder, climb the first step and know what is capable.

The “Summer” project is won in other stations.

The results will not be immediate, but with constant effort will be evident.

The body reaches what the mind believes.

Funny fitness quotes

having a fitness life is very healthy, but it requires efforts that, from the point of view of some people, are even funny. So, to laugh a little about this situation, we have selected the best funny fitness quotes! Check it out!

Malandra is the cow that is already born Malhada not to do gym.

I tried to exercise, but I found that I am allergic. My skin turns red, my heart shoots, suo horrors and gives me breathlessness. Superperity.

My doctor told me that running could add years to my life. I believe he is right. I already feel ten years older.

Every time I feel like training, I lie down until this will pass.

I have to train in the morning before my brain understands what I am doing.

I believe every human being has a finite amount of heartbeat. I do not intend to waste my exercises.

That all envy becomes muscle mass…

Love is not what you spend a lifetime trying to define. The name of this is abdomen. Love is something else!

If you want to get fit, go to the gym every day, change clothes and take a shower. If you can do this every day for a month, almost sure you will start doing something while you are there.

Seeking for a world where people cheer my calories and not my patience.

Good morning fitness quotes

Starting the day with a workout is something that demonstrates all your focus and determination. So, to help you encourage other people to also have this healthy habit is that we have selected several good morning fitness quotes that will soon guarantee everyone a dose of mood needed to exercise!

Good morning! Nothing like a good training to start the day and end the week!

Good morning! The gym is already waiting for you!

Today is your day! To start over, to eat right, to train hard, to be healthy and to be proud.

Tip of the day: Do not lose patience, lose calories.

Go! And if you are sleepy, go with sleep.

Today’s forecast: partially sweaty with 100% training chance.

Good morning! Without effort there are no results!

A great day and a great training!

A good training in the morning can change your day!

Exercise not only changes your body, changes your mind, attitude and mood. Good morning!

Fitness Quotes with Friend

Having a friend who shares with you healthy habits, training and physical activities is wonderful! So we listed the best fitness quotes with friend to exalt this partnership for all the moments.

friends who train together remain united.

working out in the company of friends is very good!

partner friend only if she is a friend who trains and diet together.

I only bother the weak, because the strong go with me!

friends who train together are delicious and evolve together!

friend who calls you to run and not to eat!

friend, let’s train! Because loving is difficult.

Save the friend who, in training, does not leave you.

working out can be boring at first, but once friends are made at the gym everything is fun.

friends who train together grow together.

Fitness Quotes for Photos

You need a fitness subtitle to show your friends how well this healthy life is doing you good? So you found the right category! Check out quotes that are perfect to be used in your photos on social networks!

Focus, Strength and Faith!

While you work out for summer, I train for my whole life.

If life becomes a bar, put the tracks, support it on the back and squat.

gym: where my body tires and my mind rests.

There is no miracle training. There is no magic diet. What exists is focus and discipline.

Discipline is the bridge between goal and achievements.

Training is not a commitment to the gym, it is a commitment to yourself.

Complain does not burn calories.

Better weight on the legs than in consciousness!

When dropping your apologies, you will find your results.

Academy is one of the most sought after places by people who decide to start a fitness life. So if you are a fan of this lifestyle, also check out our selection of gym quotes and find the focus needed to keep working out!

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