50 farm messages for those who love country life

Only those who grew up on a farm know the pleasure of waking up with the singing of the rooster, eating fresh fruits, running the gravel road and breathing fresh air. It is a hot patience, a peace that involves the soul and the most authentic of happiness. We have selected beautiful farm quotes to get inspired and feel close to nature. Check it out!

Farm Quotes To enjoy the green side of life

Life on the farm is a meeting with peace. The air is purer and the sun shines with more joy.

Throw your hands to the sky, thank if you have someone you would always have been with you: on the street, the rain, on the farm or a sapé house.

But I only know about myself, how much effort it took to end like this on my paradise farm.

ô longing for a farm, with the noise of crickets, bird singing and the music of the wind.

The life I asked for God is a simple little house, with a hammock on the porch, in the immensity of a peaceful farm.

Waking up with the rooster singing on the farm is priceless! The sun is more beautiful, the wind is more refreshing and the coffee is much tastier.

Life on the farm is a meeting with the divine. The stars shine with more glory and nature harmonizes in a symphony of peace.

There are two spiritual dangers not to have a farm. One is the danger of supposing that breakfast comes from the grocery store and the other that the heat comes from the furnace.

I don’t get used to the apartment life that looks like a matchbox. I’m from the bush, my place is on the farm, free, light and loose.

If there is paradise in the world, it is certainly a farm. There is nothing more beautiful than the horizon framing the immensity of nature.

Living on the farm, my Our Lady, is the only gift I want now. I want to go away, take me there.

My country heart just wants a farm to plant its roots and enjoy life with peace and simplicity.

On the farm, time goes on slower, space is immense and life is serene. I like to see nature blooming.

Dnight on the farm brings a hope sun for next day.

On the farm, I built the sweetest memories. When I need peace, when I miss home, it is to the field that I come back.

The farm calls me to be happy. In the gentle land, I want to plant the food and cultivate my peace.

Life on the farm is a patience school; You cannot hurry the crops or make an ox in two days.

Today there will be a spree on my farm, my wall has already started playing.

The farm changed my life! When we stop to listen to nature, it offers the most wise advice.

I am very proud of pride! On the farm, my life is good. As you despair, running against time, I live the calm, I breathe fresh air.

Very early, in the morning, when the sun lifts, the bicharada will wake up. It’s time for the farm to work!

Life on the farm is of hard work and dedication, but never lack fresh water and good shadow.

I am a backcountry of heart and soul. On the farm there is green, natural light, peace and warmth. In the city, there is concrete, rush and lack of time.

is a culture stage. Honest and respectful man, is more or less this way at Fazenda Hpons.

The smell of wet soil, mixed with the aroma of a coffee past at the time, makes life on the farm the most beautiful poetry.

On the farm, even the food is hotter. Nothing compares with the taste of a cooked bean on the wood stove and accompanied with vegetables from the garden.

My boots are already crying to miss the farm floor! What a willingness to go back to my land.

The food you eat before you hit the market was produced on the farms. Someone planted, cultivated and reaping his food. Be grateful!

The secret of longevity is a country life. I want to live on a farm and worry just not losing the show of dawn and twilight.

My dream is to be a farmer. Just a bohemian reaping his own sweet potatoes for dinner.

I’m part of the farm and the farm is part of me. When I’m in contact with nature, I’m home.

Life on the farm brings an ancestral wisdom. Planting and reaping our food is culture!

The best dish is the one you planted and reaped with your own hands. Life on the farm fills me with fascination!

a thousand times, I prefer the humble life of the farm than the glamor of the city. In the field, people live with more communion.

Sometimes we need to get out of the rush of town, take refuge on a farm, breathe fresh air and remember that we need rest.

When you grow up on the farm, it never leaves you again. In all my actions, there is the influence of country life.

In life, I want a gravel road that takes me to live in the peace of a farm. May there be nature in my days!

The air of a farm is fertilizer for the heart and makes the joy unfold full of life and harmony.

A Sunday afternoon on the farm is a show that deserves to be applauded! It is so wonderful to contemplate the perfection of nature.

On the farm, you plant the food that quenches physical hunger and reaps foods that quench the hunger of the spirit. Peace is housed.

Every human being should spend his holidays on a farm. There is no better therapy than the stillness of the field.

sitting on the porch of the old farm, I saw a hummingbird kissing the flower, I remembered our love.

I am proud of my origin. I am a son of the farm, I grew up in the bush, between animals, nature and happiness.

My greatest satisfaction is to draw the earth with quiet conscience: I know that in my food there is health, dedication and love. I love life on the farm!

A farm is not just a workplace, but a lifestyle: planting, cultivating and sharing are actions that turn the way to see the world.

When I’m on the farm, I’m in the arms of freedom! Nature is so beautiful, so immense that I feel infinite.

I want a life on the farm with prose, coffee and garden. I want to see happiness freely grazing in my backyard. I want to be the size of peace.

Farm is the ideal place to raise children. Every child deserves to grow in contact with the earth, learning to cultivate their own food.

daddy, tell me how our farm is going and that house I was born and raised. It was there, daddy, that I learned to be a good cowboy, run in the field and abize calling cattle.

Nature is a remedy for the soul. There is nothing more invigorating than the air of a farm.

Mansa Life perfectly combines with the air of a farm! To get even better, check out the waterfall quotes and let nature be part of you.

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