50 demotivational messages to deal with defeats with good humor

When things do not work, people have a tendency to frustrate and give up. Deep down, this is not so bad, because at least you know you can go in another direction. One way to overcome what happened is laughing at what happened. For this, check out demotivational quotes and have fun with your mistakes!

demotivational citations that show that failure is not the end

Everything can go wrong if you try. But if you do nothing, everything will be the same.

The mother of frustration is that you believe you can realize your dreams without being heir.

My dream work would be to win to sleep. Until I get there, I frustrate with all the other works.

Your problem is being tired and keeping sleeping late without desire to change it.

what challenges you, takes away your patience with life.

Abandon before trying and avoid further frustrations.

Dreaming and frustrating because someone realized their dreams faster than you.

There is no way to climb the slope that has transformed life with its weak legs.

It may be that your purpose in life is never to overcome, just to live with attempt.

The important thing is to believe in defeat and perhaps be surprised by victory.

Those who keep fighting are always looking for their next defeat.

The worst things in your life can happen if you decide to leave where you are.

Hope has already done you do crazy things and that you have regretted. So have no hope of anything.

Despair is what moves people, not hope.

You are not special and the others are not either. We are all normal people in search of failure.

The draw is the best result because no one loses.

Everyone expects you to fail. So, fight until they prove that they are right.

Believe me when they say it won’t work because people are smarter than you.

I’m in no hurry because it will go wrong if I run or not. Going slowly, at least I spare energy.

The path is no longer difficult, you are more tired and can not stand it anymore.

Nothing is never easier. Only the difficulty has a guarantee of growth.

frustration taught me that doing nothing does not generate suffering.

Not to be disappointed, just don’t trust anyone or yourself.

It’s not a lack of luck, it’s incompetence.

giving up trying and being victorious to give up.

If you change angle, you will realize that not the other side is not good either.

You can work hard, but your bank account will remain in red.

There will be bad days and they will always be greater than the good days.

No motivation, no frustration because there is no action.

Friday’s excitement will never be the same as the second because no one likes to work.

Remember that I am limited prevents me from trying something that I am not able to do.

As expected, nothing came out like planned.

All right, nothing happening the way I expected. This is life.

If it wasn’t for my slips, I wouldn’t have to get out of bed.

At the right time, things straighten. They go wrong all at once.

Breathe deep and prepare for the next failure.

I decided that I no longer need to eat or dream because I don’t need to work.

Defeats always come to those who fight and for those who don’t even try.

If there is something I don’t fail is to lose.

Never doubt your ability to fail in something you will do.

Others are not your problem, but you are.

Don’t think because everything has been wrong that things can’t get out of control even more.

We can always fail more than we have failed so far.

Life always transforms, sometimes, something worse, but everything always changes.

It will not be easy and, in the end, the effort will not be worth it.

You are the only one who can end your problems and also start them.

The taste of victory is momentary, that of failure lasts forever.

Life is difficult and is harder if you decide to face it head on.

Don’t get a fight with life, just let it happen.

Do not blame others for your mistakes when the culprit was you who believed you were going to get it right.

There is no better medicine than humor. Now that you’ve laughed at your failure, how about keeping up – but inspiring – trying again? Check out funny motivational quotes and come back with everything!

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