50 deep sadness messages to release those feelings

There are times when happiness escapes us and sadness makes home in our hearts. When this happens, don’t let these feelings get stuck inside you. To help you free all the unhappiness that may be making you cry, we made a selection of deep sadness quotes. Check it out and vent!

Deep sadness quotes to vent everything you are feeling

You left, but left with me this deep sadness.

It is in exaggerated joy that I find strength to overcome the deepest sadness.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

This deep sadness will still end my heart.

I’m drowning in deep sadness.

Will I ever be happy?

I hope this sadness will end soon …

Sadness has no end, happiness yes.

Give me your shoulder, which is for me to cry, cry with sadness, sadness to love.

Words cannot express the sadness I feel right now.

Yeah, my friend, there is only one certainty: you need to end this sadness.

I’m Falling Apart, I’m Barely Breathing with a Broken Heart That’s Still Beating. (I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing with a broken heart that still hits)

There is nothing sadder than fighting to forget a great love.

Why is Everything So Heavy? (Why is everything so heavy?)

Today the sun did not shine, the birds did not sing, the laughter silenced and the tears rolled on my face. My heart suffers in silence.

Sometimes life gets all smiles from us and only space for sadness.

Sometimes the smile you see on my face hides the sadness of my heart.

You who invented sadness, sometimes have the pretending to disintegrate.

The hardness of a moment of sadness gives us lessons for a lifetime!

How much sadness there is in this life. Just uncertainty, just farewell…

How much sadness does it fit in a loneliness?

Do not surrender to this deep sadness. Put a smile on your face and try again!

Sadness, please leave!

It will be impossible to smile as my heart shelters all this sadness and loneliness.

Dear God, allow this sadness to end and I can smile again.

Deep sadness is what I feel every time you pass without noticing me.

Nobody Said It Was Easy, on One Ever Said It Would Be So Hard. (No one said it would be easy, but they didn’t say it would be so difficult)

You know why disappointment hurts so much? Because it never comes from an enemy.

The idea was that you stay and sadness leave.

Speak to your sadness that God loves your smile.

Today sadness chokes me, but I know that tomorrow I can breathe the air of joy.

God can only heal this deep sadness that hurts your heart.

Sometimes the heart tighten and that desire to cry appears.

Farewell is a moment of sadness when hearts are preparing to live a longing.

How sad is sadness begging a smile…

It seems that there is no way out that take me out of this deep sadness.

When the pain no longer fits the chest, overflows with the eyes.

I may be smiling, but inside my heart I carry this immense sadness.

How the disease occurs in the body, so sadness occurs in the Spirit.

from you, I keep this sad longing.

I am like Sabiá: When it sings, it’s just sadness.

laugh not to cry, sleep so as not to think.

I’m sad, but this is temporary, because I will never give up being happy.

Sadness is my best friend.

Watch out for sadness. She is an addiction.

Sadness is the agony of a moment. Cultivate sadness, a mistake of all life.

Life is beautiful and the world is sad!

Love is the saddest thing when it falls.

These tears that run on my face are of deep sadness.

Go away, sadness. I don’t want to suffer anymore!

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