50 decision messages to apply to your life when making choices

In all situations of our lives, we need to make decisions and often they are not as simple as we expect. However, we still need to face them.

and to have positive consequences and do not repent in the future, it is necessary that they are thought out with patience and care.

Therefore, we have selected several decision citations for you to reflect and apply in your life whenever you need to make choices.

Decision Citations for Status

With the quotes we have selected for you to share the status of social networks, you can help a friend who needs to make a decision. Check it out!

A desire changes nothing. A decision changes everything.

Decide! Or someone will end up deciding on you.

Think about it, but when you decide, don’t look sideways.

Decisions build the way for their dreams.

New decisions, new results.

Decisions have consequences. Indecisions even more.

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.

The change you want is in the decision you don’t make.

Every achievement begins with the decision to try.

Energy is what tension the bow. Decision is what releases the arrow.

Make each decision a chance to achieve happiness.

Decision Quotes in Love

Making the decision to divide life with another person is a great demonstration of love. The quotes we choose will make you think about this and other choices we make when we are in love.

The best decision of my life was to choose you.

I don’t care about crying for a decision I made, but I can’t stand to see who I love crying because of an attitude badly thought by me.

Love is commitment and delivery. When we love, we let our decisions be made according to what will do the other good, with what will make you happy.

Love is also a decision, a choice.

As much as I try, I can’t forget you, so I decided to love you forever.

Love is not a feeling, it is a decision. When we decide to love, life gets a different color.

Love is a decision, and I decided to love you until the end of our days.

There is no right person. There are wise decisions!

Love is not something to be understood, it is something to be accepted and lived. Love is a decision that is made with the heart.

Make decisions with reason, love with the heart.

Decision citations made

There are times that we need to make decisions, but because it fears the consequence it will have, we ended up prolonging our attitude. Therefore, we select citations that will make you see the importance of a decision made.

It is not difficult to make decisions when you know what your values ​​are.

Decisions are not easy to make, but are necessary.

decisions without attitudes are as useful as weapons without ammunition!

You are free to make your choices, but you are a prisoner of the consequences.

To mature is not to make correct decisions always. Maturing is knowing how to deal with decisions made.

Remember that each decision made in your life is divided into the possibility of having 50% hit or 50% learning.

Go after your dreams. This is the most important decision to make.

You need to find balance and common sense in each decision made.

The most difficult decisions to make are the most important for our lives.

It is your decisions, not your conditions, which determine your destination.

Right Decision Quotes

As much as the right decisions are often not the ones we want, they will bring us good results. So we chose quotes to encourage you to choose the right way, even if it seems more difficult.

Making the right decisions in life is the art of knowing how to say yes and knowing how to say not at the right time.

It is difficult to act when the right decision is contrary to what we want.

Being a heart with peace, even if suffered, is a sign that we make the right decision.

Life is the constant search for the right choice.

Life is made of choices, now it is up to us to make the right choice!

Making the right choice is not the least painful way, but it is the way that frees us!

Who makes the right choice, chooses to be happy.

The ability to make decisions brings joy. The certainty of having made the right choice brings happiness.

The merit of being able to choose is not based on making the right choice, but to choose what you believe you are right.

You know you made the right decision when there is peace in your heart and freedom in your soul!

Difficult decision citations

Usually, the difficult decisions we make in our lives are the ones that bring great consequences and, therefore, the ones that make us grow and mature the most. Check out the quotes we selected about this:

The hardest decision to make is one that hurts our hearts.

Difficult decisions make us stronger. They are the ones who bring us the experience and wisdom necessary to distinguish what should or should not be done.

The more you postpone the decision making, the more difficult it is to decide.

Life is full of difficult decisions. The winners are those capable of taking them.

Making a difficult decision is like jumping from parachutes. Try not to look down, in the end, you will see it was worth it.

The hardest decision is when you have to choose between what you want and what suits you.

Any decision is difficult when there is no conviction of what you are doing.

Differentiated results come from major changes, which require difficult decisions to make.

Do not be afraid to make difficult decisions, being good or not, they will serve as experience.

As seen in the quotes you just gave, to make decisions it takes a lot of courage and, for that, see our list with courage to show you that you are capable!

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