50 couple status messages that declare the intensity of this passion

It is so good to find love and to be able to truly experience it. It is even better to be able to dream, declare and build a beautiful story with the one who loves. If you are lucky enough to have found your person, shout to the world how much is in love. Check out couple quotes for status and fill the social networks of love!

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From your hug, I made my home and that’s where I want to be.

I like to live new things with you, but I also like to do nothing by your side.

I don’t need anything else to be happy, besides your hand holding mine.

I live a beautiful dream because I have you with me.

Love grows every day and when I feel that it is no longer love to explode, I love you more.

You brought meaning to my days and I just want to love you.

With you, reality is better than any dream.

guide me for life and take me closer to our love.

Let’s grow together, always taking each other upwards.

I will always be yours, because you won me in that smile that only you have and is the reason for mine.

I like to take care of you, but I like it even more the way you take care of me.

Our story gets smiles every time I remember what we have already lived.

Just remembering you, my heart smiles and fills with love.

We are writing our story with all the love that lives in our hearts.

My life goal is to be with you, no matter how or where.

Our souls met and ceased their search for love.

We have so much to live and I know we will make it because we will be together.

I don’t need money, material goods, I just need your love and our lives together. You are my greatest good!

You have the exact size of the love that fits in my heart.

My heart still accelerates when you see you and I think it will never change.

Your love watered my heart and made the most beautiful things flourish in me.

we are a beautiful duo. After all, our love fits so well.

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the carnival.

By your side I can be who I am.

My person is you and I don’t even want to know what life will be like without you by my side.

I’m here for you, for me, for us!

Having you here makes life improve!

We will always be from each other and for each other, my love.

Everything made sense when you held my hand and filled my heart.

This love is so much that it is not fits in me!

You make my world have more color and emotion.

I have dreams for both of us and I know we will realize them in the name of love.

You’re something like that, it’s all for me, it’s like I dreamed, baby!

By your side, even boredom is pleasurable.

love of my life from here to eternity, our destinations were drawn in motherhood.

Back home is my favorite time because I can see you.

I want to know the world by your side, but I also want to build a home with you.

My heart just wants you and what I need most to complete me is to be able to love you.

With you, I make plans and I’m not afraid to regret it.

You transform my life and show me a happiness that I didn’t even believe you deserved.

It is you who are my man, my great love of my life.

I have the feeling that everything has become fitting since you arrived, that the world is prepared for our love. So let’s live it.

Let’s dream and realize. Let’s live and realize. Let’s never go out again.

Everyone has a person, that person who makes you forget everyone else.

From our love, we know, little …

I just found out that it was you what I missed when you showed up.

Come to my life, come, that I don’t want anything else or anyone.

What’s behind this smile that makes me fissured on you?

Let’s do it like this: I take care of you, you take care of me …

You added my life and made me a better person.

live this beautiful love every day and record the moments together so as not to forget. Take the opportunity to see Casal Photo subtitles and post these records with beautiful statements!

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