50 chef messages to make love the main ingredient

There are dishes that do not only satisfy our physical needs, but also nourish our soul. The secret of good food is in preparation, passion as seasoning and delivery of oneself in each recipe. We have selected the best quotes of cook that will sharpen your hunger and fill you with inspiration to prepare a delicious dish. Check it out!

Cook quotes with passion of passion and aroma of joy

The hands of a cook are like magic wands that turn food into flavors and moments.

The kitchen of a restaurant is a good place to welcome those who are kind of needy, half lost, half alone.

The most beautiful dish is not always the most tasty. Every cook knows that the taste is in the details.

A cook without his spices is like a musician without his instrument and a painter without his brush.

Do you know what culinary is? There are 350 techniques that merge and create preparation jails.

The Temple of a cook is the kitchen, its recipes are stories, tests, perseverance and its dishes are achievements of aromas and flavors.

Cooking is one of the most ancestral practices of the human being. Everyone has a sleeping cook inside themselves.

For a cook, there is no greater satisfaction than sharing your creations and arousing smiles you eat.

If I cook with my daughter and my husband in the kitchen, the food has another taste, it has another importance and she represents something else.

A cook that cooks with soul and heart always offers the best dish.

Just as we cannot please everyone, a cook will never please all palates.

For the cook, the kitchen is an amusement park: just take the utensils, separate the ingredients and start having fun!

The cook is an eternal apprentice who every recipe learns something new. Cooking is risking without fear.

The cook is not a star, a soldier trained to serve people.

The cook is, first and foremost, a happiness seller.

The good cook is the one who arouses our five senses and makes us taste a little piece of heaven.

Master a technique, but value the concept behind them more. That’s what I do with the recipes.

We should not call the boss or cook the professional who does not care about sustainability. Cooking surpasses the kitchen.

In each dish, the cook tells a little of his history and offers one part of himself to the other.

When we sit together and eat, we promote a better understanding and harmony. Food brings love, peace and compassion to the table.

cooking is rescuing memories, family and cultural traditions. A cook tells the story of your community on every plate you prepare.

The cook lives on adventures: Paths off flavors, reinvents recipes, combines ingredients, arouses emotions and offer pleasures.

cooking is creating something delicious for someone else.

In the kitchen, nothing arises out of nowhere, everything transforms. The cook is the inheritance of a people, a time and a space.

The cook is like an alchemist: he interacts with food, experiences and recreates a universe of flavors.

cooking is both a child’s play and a joy for adults. And cooking carefully is an act of love.

A cook is never alone. Even in its most lonely phase, it is surrounded by previous generations, the advice and menus of the cooks present, the wisdom of recipe book writers.

The best cook in the world will always be our grandmother. No one knows how to make a cake like her.

The good cook is the one who sharpens our joy and, through the aromas and flavors, arouses our affective memories.

No one is born a big cook, learn cooking.

Behind all delicious food, there is always a full -handed cook. Remember to thank you for the food.

A cook should be the president of the UN, as there is nothing better to unite and pacify a people than a table full of hot foods.

I think preparing food and feeding people brings nutrition not only to our body, but also to our spirit.

The good cook produces music with food: with each bite, a crispy, unforeseen and surprised touch.

Cooking requires confident assumptions and improvisations – experimentation and replacement, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.

For a true cook, the industrialized sauce is an offense. Preservatives kill the magic of the dish.

cooking is therapy, it is discovering in the most varied flavors. Leave the cook in you out!

Food is love. The food has a power. I knew in my mind, but now I know in my heart.

When I’m in the kitchen, I’m at peace with me. Much more than profession, I am a cook for passion.

In the hands of a cook, vegetables, grains and vegetables are colored pencils. With great affection and creativity, he prepares colorful dishes.

A recipe has no soul. You, as a cook, should give the recipe soul.

You do not need to cook extravagant or complicated masterpieces, just good food with fresh ingredients.

Kitchen utensils are for the cook just as the sword is for the warrior: they are sacred.

cooking is about sustainability, it is to say no to waste. Locks and stalks that many see like garbage, the good cook sees as an opportunity for creation.

Cooking is both one of the simplest and most rewarding arts, but to cook well you need to love and respect the food.

humility and simplicity are virtues that a cook can never stop seeking. Always sprinkle love in your creations.

cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are so many notes or colors, there are so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that differentiates you.

The gourmetization of the world has separated food in individual portions and favored people’s distance. The good cook likes to cook in panel and have the table always surrounded by laughter.

A good cook is like a witch who distributes happiness.

When the food is bitter, but the cook is sweet, the result of the dish is splendid.

cooks are magical that enchant our daily lives. If you are in love with flavors and do not refuse a good dessert, also check out the confectionery quotes that will sweeten your life.

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