50 Broken Heart Messages to Help You Move On

Unfortunately, we often believe in people and put in them all our expectations, but they are totally different from what we idealized.

Usually, it is these people in which we place all our love that end up leaving our hearts and causing a lot of suffering.

However, to overcome such suffering it is necessary to accept it, because only then will you be able to go through this situation and later be prepared to move on and transform the scars of this relationship into teaching for life .

This way, we list several broken heart quotes here to help you overcome this moment! Choose the one that fits the most in your situation and share!

Party heart quotes to overcome suffering and love again

It’s funny how someone can leave your heart and you still love it with all the broken pieces.

Party Heart is like a broken mirror, no matter how much it adds the pieces, it will never be perfect again.

There is nothing worse than having a broken heart when the reason was an unresponsive love.

If you love someone, talk. Hearts can be broken by words that have never been said.

I wanted to find a way to put the pieces together, but I feel that my heart broke for good.

I am proud of my heart, he has already been broken, betrayed, trampled, mistreated and continues to work.

You broke my heart, but now that I pasted all the pieces I love me even more than one day someone loved me.

The expectation is the mother of frustration. I fell in love with what I idealized from you. If I had never expected anything, today I would not be in pieces.

Remaining single has its benefits, at least that way I do not risk being betrayed or heartbroken.

Love is an illusion: who once gave me smiles today broke my heart.

I will not give up just because one love broke my heart, another will come and will fix it.

The most terrible is not having our heart broken (because hearts were made to be broken), but transform our hearts into stone.

Forgetting a love is the beginning of a glorious struggle for all broken heart!

An unresponsive love turned my heart in love into a broken heart.

How many new people need to paste all the shards you left in me?

I know how hard it is to wake up and fall asleep with my heart wounded by love.

You broke my heart and no one else can fix it.

Sometimes it is better to hear intuition than having heartbroken heart for reason.

Today you have become my most painful disappointment.

Blessed the flexible hearts, as they will never be broken.

No matter how many pieces your heart has been broken, the world does not stop you.

Looking for a new direction that makes sense in this crazy world with a broken heart.

I learned that disappointment is one of the worst pains, because no one is deceived by those who know, but with those who think they know.

Smile, although your heart is hurting. Smile, even if he is broken. As long as there are clouds in the sky, you will survive.

I fell in love with what my needy mind invented you.

Wanting someone who doesn’t want you is like trying to fly with a broken wing.

Who made a mistake I was when I put feeling where there should be nothing.

We made so many plans and I ask you: why?

How can I smile and live happily if my heart is broken, broken, without repair?

An unresponsive love always rhymes with a broken heart.

Let go. It is better a few months in heart than a lifetime of daily disappointments.

Happy are those who do not believe in their intuition, at least they are spared from constantly hurting the heart.

One day I believed that love always won. Today, I don’t even know if I believe in love anymore.

better broken heart than full of illusions.

I had an accident of love, but I’m cool, I just broke my face.

They say it’s a broken heart, but my whole body hurts.

Before you hurt a heart, make sure you are not inside it.

Smile on your face to hide the disappointment in the heart.

The man of the can did not know how lucky he was for having no heart.

The worst broken enemy is the good memory.

Who did not completely wanted you not even the pieces of your broken heart.

It may take time, but it passes! And when you pass, everything will lighten, you will see that the world does not end when someone does not want you anymore.

My heart is injured from loving wrong.

Maybe tomorrow, when you think of wanting me, I already found who wants me.

broken heart has cure: peace of no longer having to wait for the perfection that no longer exists!

My heart is broken in two and the two halves miss you.

Learn to live, learn to love people with solidarity, learn how to do good things, learn to help their lives. The pain of a broken heart is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Do you know what hurts the most broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before.

Empty Heart is much better than broken heart.

The best way to heal a wounded heart is to let someone else occupy it again.

It is horrible to disappoint with those we love, so also check out this selection of quotes of loving disappointment and seek to relieve the pain that is felt in your heart.

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