40 messages about second options for those who weren’t born for it

In life, we risk finding people who do not give us due value. They think we are always available to them, but only when they want. This kind of attitude hurts a lot. With that in mind, we have selected the best second option quotes for you to escape this bore and find someone who prioritizes you. Check it out!

Citations on second option to evaluate people’s priority

Being second option hurts too much because you realize that the person doesn’t care about you so much.

If you’re with me, I want it to be whole. I don’t want to have to share you with anyone or be a second option.

I’m tired of people who think they can leave others on a waiting list in their lives.

When people define your priorities and you are not in it, you need to learn to move on.

I lost patience to those who think you can hold others as a second option just so as not to lose them, but it doesn’t let them be happy either.

It is better not to be your own than your second option. I don’t want this first loser title on a scale for me.

Being the second option of someone is like taking a punch of life in the stomach’s mouth.

The corner is very dark for me and I was born to shine. Without making me a second option!

I’m the one who deserves to know the family, friends and the whole package. Don’t think you’ll be able to leave me as a second option.

I prefer to be alone than subjecting me to be your second option.

You have a choice: prioritize me or lose me.

Know that I would never make you a second option because I value what exists between us.

I’m not a product you can use when you want and the way you want. I will not be your second option.

Do not spend your precious time with those who put you aside and do not prioritize you.

Life is too short to accept to be people’s second option. Go find someone who puts you first.

I do not accept being treated as a second option because I know my value and I know this is not my place.

I’m a priority for me, I would make you mine, why will I accept not to be that of others?

There are people who get used to being from others in half, but this life is not for me! I was not born to be anyone’s scheme, but life project.

Keep walking until you find someone who treats you with the value you deserve.

When we find the right person, we know that they will never make us a second option in your life.

Pay attention to signs. These are the details that show whether the person prioritizes you or not. Sometimes silence, indifference respond for themselves.

You are my first option and I cannot accept being your second and suffer from it for the rest of my life.

Second option has a taste of consolation award. We may not be the winners of this, but there are other better journeys than being a comfort of those who do not treat us as a priority.

I don’t feel guilty about ending all among us. I don’t want to be a second option anymore. You who dedicate what you really want.

Only those who have been pretended know how it hurts and knows they can’t do the same with anyone.

Sometimes we are not a second option because the person has another. It simply prioritizes anything before you.

I won’t be waiting for you to call me whenever you want, when you are free, when you didn’t find anything better. I was not born to be a second option.

My value is too high not to be a priority in the hierarchy of my values.

You say you don’t treat me as a second option, but all your attitudes prove otherwise.

I’ve been very muggle in life, but I don’t want this life anymore. You know where I am and I will only receive you if it is to be your first option.

Those who do the others second option should not be treated as a priority by anyone.

If he only calls you late, after everyone has refused something with him, it is because you are the second, third or fourth option.

If you want to go back is to be my fun, my drink, my snack, my second option.

If it is to be a second option, I prefer to continue alone because I prioritize.

I gave you love, it was only yours my heart, but you flew, left my life without the floor.

I don’t want to be your second option. I don’t want to be your thinking later.

Who makes others second option ends alone because no one likes those who make games.

wants priority, exclusivity. Are you slutty?

Honey, you see, all we deserve is to be someone’s priority.

People lose so many good things in life because they cannot value others.

That you understand the value you have and don’t let people treat you less than you deserve. To never let this happen again, check out our status priority quotes and set yours!

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