50 birthday messages for a godmother that celebrate this beautiful friendship

Having a Comadre is having someone you trust so much that you choose to share the responsibility of taking care of your children. Also, it is having a friend for all hours and that you value having by your side. Celebrate her life with great joy. For this, check out the best anniversary quotes for Comadre!

Birthday quotes for comadre that show how important it is to you

You have always been a friend, partner and now you are my dear comadre. Happy Birthday, I love you!

I hope your year will be filled with good energies, blessings and joy. You deserve all the good, comadre. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Comadre! You are an angel who has arrived in my life to stay and I’m sure it will be very performed in everything you do.

I wish God to fill you with blessings and show you the way of happiness. You are special in my life, comadre. Happy Birthday!

Your friendship is a breath in chaos that is life and how good it is to share my days with you. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Comadre, you are light, joy and courage. Hear me, help me, make me laugh and always encourage me. Happy Birthday and thanks for everything!

I hope your day is excited like you who always know how to make me smile. Thank you for the partnership of a life. Happy Birthday!

You are like a sister to me and I take care of you as such. Happy birthday, comadre. I hope and wish your happiness a lot!

Good thing we are friends and we cultivate our partnership. Life would be bland without you. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Comadre, you always hear me, help me and advise me. I greatly happy to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!

More than comadres, we are family and friends for life. Happy birthday and God bless you greatly!

A spectacular year is just beginning and you deserve it is amazing and full of achievements. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Your company and your advice have always done me so well. Thank you for your friendship. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

I started the day thanking God for the honor of calling you comadre. Happy birthday. May he present you with countless blessings!

May we celebrate this date for many years and the way you like it: with joy and party. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Comadre, I want your day to be very special. You are an amazing person and deserve all the good. Happy Birthday!

Keep shining wherever and illuminating people’s lives as you did with mine. I love you. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

That this year we can spend more time together and live the beauty of our friendship. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

God brought you to my life because I knew I would always need your friendship. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

God invades your life with a sea of ​​blessings and joys. You deserve beautiful things accumulated every day. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Happy Birthday, Comadre! How good it is to count on your support and friendship. I ask God to repay you all the good you do in my life.

Let’s celebrate and thank God for your life, comadre. You are an angel and a very dear person. Happy Birthday!

You are a beautiful person inside and out. Happy birthday, comadre! May Jesus shine in you.

Our memories together are a lot of fun, that we can create many more this year. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

I just want to thank you for the day we entered each other’s lives. Everything got better from it. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

I promise never to get out of your life and always cultivate this beautiful friendship we have. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Dear comadre, our friendship is my pride. I am grateful to God for making us a family. Happy Birthday!

We are already passing from friendship, we are family and that is what really matters. Happy birthday, comadre. Have a day of love and blessings!

I am glad with your achievements and proud of the place where you arrived. Happy birthday, comadre. I love you!

Comadre, you are my joy in the chaos of life because I know I can always count on your friendship. Happy Birthday!

Comadre, you are my oldest friend and I am so pleasure to celebrate life. Congratulations! May it be a blessed year.

Congratulations to the best comadre on Earth. You are my friend whom I trust too much. I love you. May your year be amazing.

I will be by your side in the good and bad times. Today I will be by your side to celebrate your life, comadre. Happy Birthday!

How good it is to know that you are always here. I am also always ready to hear you and help you. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Happy Birthday, Comadre! May the tree of your life be full of sweet and more delicious fruits. I love you!

I wish you a lot of health so that we can live many things together. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

It is a huge joy to call you comadre. Happy birthday. May our partnership and friendship remain firm and strong in God!

You are very important to me and I thank God for our always true friendship. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

I want to give you all that is good in this life because you do me very well. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Your friendship is so faithful that I consider you part of the family. Thank you for your loyalty, love and patience. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

Comadre, may God cover you with blessings and that you can be very happy this year that starts today. Happy birthday. I love you!

Comadre, congratulations on your birthday and for being such a pleasant person to have around. No wonder I trusted you my most precious asset and wanted to make it part of my family. I love you!

Today is the day to thank the heavens for your life. Happy birthday, comadre. May it be a year of achievements, joys and peace!

You always know what to say to cheer me up, it must be because you know me so well and so long ago. Glad to have you around. I praise God for giving me to your friendship. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

May today be a cheerful day, but less than tomorrow. You deserve to experience a little more happiness every day. Congratulations, comadre!

I would never forget you or this special day. Happy birthday, comadre. That you have a collection of joys ahead.

You are my family without the same blood as mine. I love our affinity and our relationship. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have your friendship. Happy birthday, comadre. You are an angel sent by God!

Your companionship is my gift every day. Happy birthday, comadre. Receive many blessings from God in your life!

You illuminate my life from the first smile. It’s amazing to see you grow and transform yourself. Happy Birthday, Comadre!

She will be very happy to receive her affection on this special day. See also quotes for Comadre and value this beautiful relationship you have built throughout your life!

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