50 affectionate messages for your brother that are synonymous with love

To have a brother is to be able to live with his hero. It is fighting and solving everything with hugs. It is knowing that even distant, he will always be by his side. It is a friendship of blood, soul and heart. We have selected the best quotes of affection for brother who will make your best friend full of love. Check it out, share and take care of this beautiful union.

Quotes of affection for brother full of intimacy and complicity

Brother, the greatest happiness of my childhood was to know that my best friend lived in my house. You can always count on me!

brothers are made like this: so different, but the love that runs in the veins is greater than anything.

my brother, may love always be our greatest bond of unity. May our friendship win all the obstacles of life. I’m by your side for whatever comes and comes.

You are my favorite boring! I love you the size of infinity. My brother, may our union be eternal.

You, constant friend, my distant companion. You, who all the time are not afraid of danger, no. My brother.

My brother, you have always been inspiration to me. I admire the big heart that you are. All my affection and companionship. Forever United.

We fight, argue and then reconcile. I will always worry, take care and pampe you, because you are my dear little brother. I love you!

Let’s be friends, face the dangers, not bitter any tension. No passion, so much. Brother’s love is worth more.

happiness and joy. Eternity, partnership and peace. Words that from our dictionary will never come out, forever brothers.

brother, you are my hero and my best friend. No matter the distance, our complicity will always remain indestructible.

brother, you know my heart better than anyone. Having you by my side is the most beautiful adventure in life. You can always count on me.

Being brother is being what? A presence to decipher later, missing you? Missing what? Of a childish. Willingness to be a future brother, old and always?

For you, I would go to the end of the world. My brother, our union is blood, but our friendship is by choice. I choose to always be by your side.

My brother, dreamy warrior, in all his battles, make sure I will be by your side on the front line. I love you, my best friend!

In life there is a lot ex, but I assure you that there is no ex-brother.

brother, we are like cheese and guava: the perfect match. When we are together, everything turns into reason for joy. I love you.

My brother, you are quarrelsome and marty, but I love you more than anything in my life. I will always be by your side and if someone moves you, it has moved me.

Even after adults, when we are together, we are like two children ready to get the best pranks. I love you, my brother.

brother, you are very important in my life. By his side, all problems become insignificant. A bear hug in your heart.

Brothers do not let themselves wander in the dark.

My brother, every day I learn something new with you. Thank you for making me so happy. I always carry you inside my heart.

When you were born, I didn’t just win a brother, but also a best friend. You are a source of joy in my life.

My brother, there is nothing as affectionate and comforting as his hug. By your side, I find security, support and companionship. I thank you for everything.

A brother is a friend given by nature.

I never tire of repeating: You are the best brother in the world. That we continue forever inseparable. I love you!

brother, because I have you by my side, I will never be alone. You bring safety, comfort and joy to my life.

When brothers agree, no fortress is as strong as their ordinary life.

My brother, the affection I feel for you cannot be described, is something that only two united hearts can understand.

Dear brother, with you, I shared my childhood and I want to share my adult dreams. You give me the strength to keep fighting. I love you!

brother is a security that the child’s time will never be forgotten, just a gesture, a look at, in an instant, remember everything that has been lived.

brother, it’s so easy to love you. You are the person with the most beautiful heart I know. Thank you for always being light in my life.

My brother, you are part of me. Far beyond the same blood, we have the most beautiful friendship I could want you. Always count on me.

Regardless of circumstances, whether in good times or bad times, you are always by my side. Brother, you are the most beautiful gift that life gave me.

A lot of people have brother, but only I have the best brother in the world. Without you, my life would not make sense. I love you!

Once brother, always brother, no matter the distance, no difference and no matter the subject.

In childhood, you were my great hero. Now that we grow up, you are the person who walks beside me on the journey of life. Together we are better, my brother.

With you, I laugh the hottest. My brother, you have a special way to make me happy. All very beautiful for your life.

Brothers need not necessarily say anything to each other – they can sit in one room and be together and be completely comfortable with each other.

Being your true brother, I could feel that I live in your shadows, but never lived and now I don’t live. I live in its shine.

brother, if you fall, I’ll get you up, but first I will laugh a lot. I love you, my best friend!

Separated, we look normal, but when we are together, madness is guaranteed! I love to have you as a brother.

brother, even if life takes us on different ways, know that I will always be here for you and tell you the days to be able to give you a bear hug.

No matter your age and size, you will be my little brother forever and I will continue to fill you with affectionate pampering.

Just as I know the sun will be born tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll love you forever. Brother, you are the one I have the most right and safe in my life.

brothers was because God wanted. Friend is because we want. One day, we teach you in the next, we learn: that blood is indifferent when life gives us a sacred feeling, which is neither mine nor yours, love is God’s thing.

Sometimes you are so annoying! But when you are far away, I miss the moments we spent together. Brother, I wouldn’t change anything to you. I love you!

brother, you are not a post of light, but illuminates my life. When we are together, I know we can overcome any obstacle.

Being the best brother in the world does not mean that there will be no fights, it means that every fight will end with a hug. I love you!

nobody remembers exactly childhood, but I remember you were there for me.

My brother, for you, I will always have time. There is nothing more delicious than spending the time in your company. I love you!

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