50 18th birthday messages to celebrate coming of age

Completing 18 years is a unique moment that deserves to be celebrated in the best way. It is at this age that we begin to trace our future with more awareness and come to seek everything we always dream. If you know someone who will complete this new age, send one of our 18th birthday quotes and congratulate this special person!

18th anniversary quotes for daughter

Seeing a daughter grow, maturing and becoming a great woman is a source of pride for various mothers and fathers. So we made a selection of quotations from 18 for perfect daughter for parents to declare their feelings and celebrate this date with joy.

My little girl is already 18 years old. How time flies! I wish you a lot of happiness, wisdom and strength in this new phase. I love you, my daughter!

Dear daughter, I’m very proud of the great woman you are becoming. Always be very happy and be sure to believe your dreams. Happy 18 years!

You are turning 18, and with this phase there are also difficulties and trials. But you know you can always count on me, my daughter. Never forget how much I love you! Happy Birthday.

May God bless you in this new phase, my daughter. You will always be my little girl, even though she was 18 years old. Happy Birthday!

Being 18 years may seem scary, but with a lot of faith and the open heart it is possible to overcome any difficulty. Happy birthday, my daughter. Always be very happy!

My heart is proud to see the woman you have become and everything you have achieved here. You deserve to be very happy, my daughter! Happy Birthday.

It’s wonderful to see how you have become a strong, independent woman who knows what you want. May you never lose this glow in the look! Happy Birthday, my daughter.

Time has passed and you have become an amazing woman. Your father and I are very proud of who you are and we will always be here to support you. Happy 18 years, my daughter!

Don’t be afraid of this new phase that is about to start. Open your mind and heart and embrace all the adventures of adulthood. Happy Birthday, my daughter!

I thank God for being able to watch his growth and see all his achievements. Enjoy this new age and explore the world. Happy Birthday, dear daughter!

18th birthday quotes for friend

Do you have a great partner who will complete the age of majority and want to want the best for this amazing person? Send one of our 18th birthday quotes to friend we selected below.

The great moment has come, your 18th birthday. I wish you all the best in the world and that you are always very happy, my dear friend.

On this special day, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world for you, my friend so dear. May all your dreams come true and that you can conquer the whole world!

Remember when we dreamed of this moment? Finally this one arrived, our 18 years. Thank you for all the usual partnership, my friend. You deserve to be very happy. Congratulations!

I will always keep everything we live together with great affection in my heart. You are and always will be my best friend. Happy 18 years. May this new phase reserve many adventures and achievements!

Until finally the day came to join the club of majority! You are about to get into an age of more freedom, joys, but even more responsibilities. Enjoy every second!

You are officially an adult! It’s funny how time goes by fast. We already live so many things together and now we start this new phase. Happy Birthday, friend!

You are a wonderful person and an exemplary friend. I am very proud to share my life with you, my dear. Happy Birthday!

May dreams never abandon your horizon. The path will not always be easy, but I will always be here for whatever you need. Happy Birthday friend. Be very happy!

Dear friend, today you complete another year of life. It is already eighteen years of an existence marked by many amazing stories of joy and overcoming. Have a very happy birthday!

Take the maximum every moment of your life, for it is unique. May this new phase be amazing and never lack happiness and love in your days. Happy Birthday, friend!

18th anniversary quotes for niece

nephews are like children of other parents that life gives us to take care and love. This is why it is very important we are present at all times. Check out our selection of 18th birthday quotes for niece and don’t forget to congratulate you on this special date!

With each passing year, you become an admirable and full of strength. Continue like this always. Happy 18 years, my dear niece!

You are already 18, you are no longer a little girl, but you know you can count on your aunt whenever you need it. I love you so much, my dear!

My beautiful and beloved niece, today is a very special day for you, but also for me and all who love you, because celebrating your 18 years is a unique joy. Happy Birthday, honey!

You fill me with pride and I can’t imagine a better niece for me. Congratulations and may all your dreams come true!

On this special day when you turn 18, I wish you are all times of peace and joy. Have a beautiful birthday, dear niece!

Today you reach the adulthood and officially become a woman. Congratulations! I hope the day is up to such a special date, because only 18 years are celebrated once in their lifetime.

Dear niece, enjoy your adulthood with judgment and responsibility. Congratulations for the 18 years. Count on me always!

Happy Birthday! I am very happy because I know that life has wonderful things reserved for you. You just need courage, strength and boldness to pick them up!

May you find reasons to smile every day and that your 18 years are exactly as you dreamed. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, dear niece! Have a beautiful day and a life full of happiness, health and love.

18th anniversary quotes for man

The time has come to celebrate majority with all your friends. Check out our selection of 18th anniversary quotes for man and show how happy you are to participate in this new stage in the lives of “Parces”!

May your majority mark the beginning of a wonderful step in your life. Happy Birthday!

18 years, huh? May you always be happy, friend. Have a lot of judgment and enjoy every second as if it were the last one. Happy Birthday!

prepared for the great adventures that this new phase reserves? Whatever happens from now on, we are always together, friend. Happy Birthday!

celebrates this new age in style, because it is not every day that 18 years of life are completed. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations for the 18 years! Receive the adulthood with open arms, because your journey will be wonderful. Best wishes!

Happy Birthday! May you always walk in search of success, reaching a broad future, improving and thriving even more!

Congratulations on the 18th birthday. May this date be a starting point for great achievements in your life!

Congratulations, brother! You finally reached 18 years. I want this new phase to be marked by many achievements. All the best, happiness!

May the day that marks your adulthood is full of joy and preparation. I’m with you, friend. Congratulations!

Do not let the majority take you the joy of being young! Congratulations for the 18 years.

Funny 18th anniversary quotes

When we are still in childhood and adolescence, we have the illusion that at 18 years everything will transform and that we will take adulthood, but not quite. How about, then, giving good laughs on the illusions of majority with our funny 18th anniversary quotes? Check it out!

18 years huh, friend?! Now you can drive, but it can also be arrested! CAUTION.

You think it will turn 18 and your life will change for the better … I have a news for you: it will change yes, but to worse!

You think that after 18 you will start accumulating riches, but it accumulates accounts, problems and fat.

Can we run to the mother’s lap when everything goes wrong after the 18 years is turned?

Congratulations on your 18th birthday, but beware: now you will think you are a responsible person.

of everything I could say to you on your birthday, what I want most is that you remember that my favorite cake is chocolate.

Congratulations for the 18 years, friend. That you become a person almost as amazing as I do.

I was 18 years old and still living with my parents and with no future perspective. What did I do wrong on my birthday?

Happy 18 years, friend. I wish from now on everything works out in your life. It’s kind of impossible, but it doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?

Congratulations, you have completed your 18 years! Now you can continue to live normally, nothing has changed …

Completing 18 years marks the beginning of a new phase and new adventures. Take advantage of this moment and get inspired by our new life quotes that will inspire you to follow your way with your heart and mind!

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