48 short messages of longing for those who can’t wait any longer

Ah, the longing… Who has never sighed missing someone? Unfortunately, things and people do not remain forever in our lives. If you get used to the absence of something we are used to having in everyday life is not easy; It requires strength, hope and never discredit that better days will come. After all, as much as it hurts at the moment, no pain is eternal!

matches and farewells are part of the life cycle. The most important thing is to know how to deal with this kind of feeling. Do you miss someone? So show how you feel! This list of short quotes of longing will help you go through this moment. Check it out and share!

Best Short Quotes of Longing

There is no way to escape this feeling, one time or another, we will miss someone in our lives. Therefore, it is no wonder this is a very present subject in poetry, books and music … After all, we all go through it. Check out this selection with the best short quotes of longing and reflect:

longing is what makes things stop in time.

You can miss good times, but you should not escape the present.

longing is better than walking empty.

longing is the greatest proof that the past was worth it.

miss you do not resolve, but despair does not honor who left.

longing is our soul saying where she wants to go back.

Don’t let the longing suffocate.

longing is a feeling that, when it is not in the heart, drips through the eyes.

longing is one of the most urgent feelings that exist.

longing is for those who know how to feel.

longing is the only eternal thing in life.

Defeat Pride and Matt the longing!

Short quotes of longing for the loved one

Who has never felt that desire to be close to all the time of the person who loves? But unfortunately it is not always possible. Send that message to your love that is far away and show you how you miss you! Check out this list with short quotes of longing for the loved one and get inspired:

Hed a longing for your hug.

Love calculates hours for months, and days for years; And every little absence is an eternity.

If you don’t delay too much, I can wait for you for all my life.

If I miss you, it’s because love has decided to stay!

I miss your kiss, your smile, your voice, longing for you.

I miss you every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

I am without you just unloving.

For every minute of your longing, I will kiss you!

I don’t exist without you, my love!

If I miss you, I would pronounce your name without stopping!

I miss our moments together, I can’t wait to have them again!

I count the days, hours and minutes to kill this longing for you.

Short quotes of longing for those who died

Death is part of the natural cycle of life, and one time we will have to face it. Losing an important person is painful and the lack of it can bring out feelings that are easy to deal with. Are you going through this moment? So see below some short quotes of longing for those who died:

Death causes each meeting a longing.

You are gone and left my heart full of longing.

longing will never erase your eternal smile.

There is no longing as eternal as one born with mourning.

Your departure left me a huge missing scar.

miss you will not bring you back, but it is impossible not to miss you.

None longing can erase our memories, neither time nor death.

Homesickness eternalizes unforgettable people as you were.

The longing for someone who died is the deepest of feelings.

Death has taken you from me, but longing makes you present.

If death knew how much longing hurts, it would not have taken you.

After you are gone, my heart is only your miss you.

Short quotes of longing for WhatsApp

With today’s technology, killing a person’s missed you has become much easier! How about enjoying and sending a message saying how you feel? This list of short quotes for longing for WhatsApp will help you in this, check out:

When I think of you, I close my eyes of longing.

If my wish could become real, you would be here with me now!

I hope you miss me, as much as I miss yours.

I missed. Without you, I miss you!

The Ministry of Health warns: Seeing you away from me makes me miss you.

If I could, I missed you right now!

Even though I am far, I will always be with you.

If by the force of the distance you are absent, by the force that is in longing you will return.

longing is the price you pay for living unforgettable moments with you!

It’s very longing for little me, come back soon!

That this distance between us only increases our affection.

The joy of knowing that you exist makes me strong to support the longing.

People always come and go, making our lives a constant change. A good example of this is friends. Some move away, some we meet, others can stay away for years and never affect friendship… Do you have friends you haven’t seen for a long time? So it’s time to meet them again! Check out this list of quotes for missing friends and get inspired!

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