48 messages from Socrates to reflect on his teachings

You have certainly heard of Socrates. I live a long time ago, between 469 BC and 399 BC, Socrates was a philosopher of the classic period of ancient Greece and became known mainly for his contribution to the area of ​​ethics and politics.

The philosopher is the author of ideas that we can lead as a reflection in various areas of life… We made a list of the best quotes of Socrates, divided into categories, to read and reflect on what this thinker has to teach. Check it out!

Famous Socrates Quotes

Everyone has heard at least once some of Socrates’ famous quotes. In this category, we have selected the most famous for you to remember. Check it out:

I just know I know nothing.

There is only a good, knowledge, and only an evil, ignorance.

I think that having no need is a divine thing and having the lowest possible needs is what comes closest to the divine.

Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods.

We do not live to eat, but we eat to live.

Want to know who I am, look closely at the bottom of my eyes.

A life without challenges is not worth living.

Be a serious man, play.

Turn the stones you stumble on the stones of your stairs.

Lying never lives enough to grow old.

To a good man it is not possible to occur any evil, in life or death.

Once the man is equal to the man, the woman becomes her superior.


Socrates, who talked a lot about knowledge in his writings, related the subject to education. See some quotes on the theme:

True knowledge comes from within.

Under the direction of a strong general, there will never be weak soldiers.

I can’t teach anything to anyone, I can only make you think.

Wisdom begins with reflection.

The wise man himself is of his words, when they surprise his actions.

Know yourself, become aware of your ignorance and you will be wise.

Man to be complete has to study, work and fight.

It is only useful the knowledge that makes us better.

The beginning of wisdom is the admission of ignorance itself. All my knowledge is to know that I know nothing.

When you admit ignorance, you are opening the door of wisdom.

Admiration is the feeling of a philosopher, and philosophy begins with admiration.

Socrates Quotes About Love and Friendship

linked to the existence of man, love and friendship were also topics addressed by Socrates. The philosopher reflects on the relationship with the other and even gives some advice to deal with these feelings, take a look:

It is wise the man who has put in himself everything that leads to happiness or approaches it.

Love is not a God, not a mortal, but a great demon.

To achieve a decent person’s friendship we need to develop in ourselves the qualities we admire.

The great secret to fullness is very simple: share.

An unruly man cannot inspire affection; It is unsociable and closes the doors to friendship.

Be slow to create a friendship, but when you are in it, remain firm and stable.

Love makes us adopt noble attitudes to be deserving of the beloved.

Sometimes, walls do not build other people from entering, but to see who cares enough to break them.

Do not take as a friend, a man whom he does not know first as he kept his friendship with others; because you should expect you to proceed with you, as you proceeded with the others.

Love is the passionate impulse of a soul for wisdom and this is both knowledge and virtue.

All men have crazes: some like horses; others, dogs; others want gold; others, honors. As for me, none of these things attract me. But I have a passion for friends… Yes, I prefer a true friend to all the gold from Dario – and even Dario himself.

My advice is to marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy; If you get a bad wife, you will become a philosopher.

The friend must be like money, whose value we already know before we need it.

The ideal in marriage is that the woman is blind and the deaf man.


One of the main subjects addressed by Socrates is ethics. We selected the best quotes of the philosopher on the theme, check out:

What you can’t control, do not order.

man does evil, because he does not know what good is.

What should characterize youth is modesty, shame, love, moderation, dedication, diligence, justice, education. These are the virtues that must form their character.

Truth is not with men, but among men.

Do not think of those who do badly; only thinks they are wrong.

The easiest and most secure way to live honorably is to be, in fact, what we seem to be.

False words are not only bad in themselves, but also infect the soul with evil.

Three things must be done by a judge: listening closely, considering sober and deciding impartially.

Because if you think killing men you can avoid accusers of censoring your life, you are wrong, this is not a possible or honorable form of escape. The easiest and most noble form is not to crush others, but to perfect yourself.

wise is one who knows the limits of his own ignorance.

I prefer to die having said my way, than talking about your way and living.

Like Socrates, Aristotle was also a very famous philosopher who produced several reflections on life. Why not know him too? We have selected some quotes from Aristotle for you, check it out!

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