48 messages from crazy friends to record what you do together

It is common to choose friends who have the same characteristics as us, because thus the tuning is even stronger and it is possible to identify with them in various situations. So if you only have crazy friends, you can know what your personality is!

Only those who have crazy friends can understand what they cause wherever they go, but what we can guarantee is that joy and mess are guaranteed whenever they come together!

Thinking about it, we made a selection with the best quotes of crazy friends for you to thank them for all the wonderful moments that have lived together and all those who will still live! Check it out and choose your favorite:

Quotes of crazy and happy friends

Beside our crazy friends are the happier situations. They are the ones who make us forget the problems and make our lives even more special. Share with them the quotes of crazy and happy friends we have selected!

crazy, crazy and crazy are my dear friends who do so well to my life.

friend, they say we are crazy, crazy, crazy, but what they do not know is that we are happy like that!

Sometimes a crazy friend is all we need to see life happier!

This is how I am happy: next to the most crazy crazy ones I have ever met!

Friend, you are crazy in the best sense of the word, because you taught me how to venture and enjoy everything in the best way possible!

Only the crazy friends erase the tears from your face and tear you out laughing.

friend, I hope life smiles at you every day and that you never stop being crazy!

best friend is one that can be totally unbalanced, but never lets you lose your balance.

friend, this madness that is part of you, does not hide the goodness of your heart!

Friend, I love you your way! Always be happy!

friend, sharing my life with you has been the most wonderful adventure I have ever met. Next to you there is no room for sadness.

Quotes of funny crazy friends

Just talking about funny friend, I’m sure there were several names in your head. There are always crazy friends who are prepared to release that sentence on the wheel and make everyone fall into the laugh. No wonder they were remembered, let them know that you keep great memories of these antics!

Madness is a fundamental part of our friendship and when we joined it is a “leave the front that we arrived!”.

that friend, who is not to be the craziest of the party, she doesn’t even go!

There is no friendship like yours! You are a mix of charisma and madness that entertains and captivates everyone. Thank you for making my days with you an adventure!

They say we are crazy, I say that we are friends who know that life is boring without a little madness!

Only those who have crazy friends know how good it is to laugh nonstop!

Being with you is the guarantee of laughing a lot. My wonderful, crazy, adventurous friend who has nothing to hide. And that’s what makes you amazing!

Who doesn’t have a crazy friend? It is impossible not to rejoice with such a company. I have one, which I love unconditionally, as well as the way it is.

Friend, there is no funnier and more hilarious person than you. It is not possible to hide a smile when I am by your side.

Yes, you are crazy; Crazy, but that’s what makes you unique. You are also a mega friend with an even bigger heart than your madness!

Quotes of crazy and fun friends

We even have fun alone, but there is no comparison of when we are with our crazy friends. They have the gift of transforming any boring moment in the best of all. Check out the quotes we selected from crazy and fun friends for you to share with your companions at all times!

Friend, you are crazy, but who said this is bad? It’s much cool to be crazy and different from the rest. You show me a way to see life totally new! I love you, crazy!

My crazy friends are the best, because they always get me from this boredom that is everyday.

crazy friends are never too much, because what I want is constant animation in my life!

miga, you crazy! How I have fun with you! When we leave, I have the impression that my energies are recharged, because I feel someone else talking to you.

My crazy friend, it’s too good to have you in my life and be able to enjoy this unparalleled way.

In fact, your way of looking at life is especially unique and that’s what makes a difference, you know? Thank you for being my friend and for showing me the fun side of life!

Be crazy, be cute, boring, fun, or friendly. Be something, the important thing is to be you!

You are the most crazy, fun and cheerful friend, and I love your way of being!

crazy friends; Who doesn’t, get ready, because everything gets better with them around!

On your side there is no bad weather, you are the funniest friend I could have chosen! A little crazy, yes, but who in this world is not?

Your company makes my days much more fun. I’m glad I found you, friend!

Forgive our madness, but with friends like this there are no limits for fun!

It is impossible for anyone not to love his way, a little crazy, but who conquers for being unique. Your friendship is very important to me and I hope we continue to be this duo for a long time!

Normal friends I don’t have … We’re all crazy!

Quotes from crazy friends for photos

The best moments result in the best photos. And to register a photo with your crazy friends, we select great subtitles that will demonstrate everything they represent to you. No one holds this little group!

Who has crazy friends has a memory full of good times.

Recent studies prove that the more crazy friends we have the happier we are!

If you find me crazy, wait for me to see me with my friends!

Crazy Friend, who doesn’t?

I went to ask God for a friend, he sent me this crazy with a less screw!

Being normal is suitcase, a little madness until it’s fun!

I may not be rich, maiden or princess, but I have the craziest friends of this royalty!

What is better than having a crazy friend? Have a group of crazy friends, of course!

God did not give me friends, sent me a bunch of crazy and I would give life for them!

Who has crazy friends, has everything in life!

Not only do you know your follies, but you live with you!

Our madness is the same size as our friendship: infinite!

Without you, life would be a desert of joy and crazy adventures. Thank you, friends, for always being by my side!

I was already crazy … I worsened because of my friends!

Just talking about friends, comes in mind the best follies lived together, right? Check out our selection of photo subtitles with friend and are already prepared to register on your social networks the next roll!

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