48 meditation messages that will inspire you to practice this self-care

It is proven that meditation has infinite benefits. The technique helps to calm and discipline the mind, helping in concentration and bringing tranquility to those who practice it with some regularity.

videos, podcasts and texts can help those who meditate to be able to perform it in an easier way, and motivate to continue with practice. Have you tried to meditate? How about starting now? We have separated some meditation quotes to get inspired and start too, check it out!

Meditation Quotes To inspire you

The only form of development is a constant effort through meditation.

Keep your mind open, as well as the ability to worry about humanity and the awareness of being part of it.

There is only one miracle, the miracle of meditation, which drives the individual away from the mind. And the heart always welcomes you and is prepared to give you a passage, to guide you toward your being. And being is its fullness, it is its supreme well-being.

Deep meditation is worth a thousand words.

Meditation without object is the arrow that fires without the arc releases it.

The danger of meditating is that it is not wanting to start thinking, and thinking is no longer meditating, thinking guide to a goal.

The past is a lesson to meditate, not to reproduce.

Meditation is an end in itself. There is no other end beyond her. Everything that has an end beyond itself is intended only for the mediocre mind, and all that is an end in itself is intended for the truly intelligent person.

All ideas remove you from your own, hence the definition of meditation as a state of consciousness without ideas. In meditation, there is no way to get away from ourselves, we are simply centered on our own being. There is no object we can see. We are totally alone. Our consciousness begins to turn to itself.

Peace comes from within yourself. Do not look for you around you.

Who gives themselves to vanity and does not surrender to meditation, with time will envy the one who struggled in meditation.

Even the gods envy those who are vigilant and non -negligent, who give themselves to meditation, who are wise, and who delight in the stillness of the spiritual retreat.

Who transforms, transforms the world.

Happy the man who can devote his time to studies and meditations, resisting temptations.

The free man, in what is thinking less is in death, and his wisdom is a meditation, not of death, but of life.

The power of the universe is within me.

man was not made to meditate, but to act.

One can achieve wisdom by three paths. The first path is meditation, which is the noblest. The second is imitation, which is the easiest and least satisfactory. Third there is the path of experience, which is the hardest.

Silence is the secret to listening to the sounds of life.

When you have your mind moistened with love, you can start meditating on compassion.

I think ninety -nine times and nothing I discover; I stop thinking, dive into deep silence – and behold, the truth reveals itself.

Meditation is a way to go into itself.

Meditating in philosophy is forwarding from the known to the unknown, and here faces the real.

Painters should only meditate with brushes in hand.

The study gives science, but meditation, originality.

Perfect action is the fruit of perfect meditation.

Praying is when you talk to God, meditating is when you hear God talk to you.

Love is the closest phenomenon of meditation: lovers abandon their masks, they are a soul within two bodies.

I meditated a long time on the wall. It is in you that the true wall exists.

Meditation brings wisdom; Lack of meditation leaves him in ignorance. Learn well what leads you forward and what holds you behind, and choose the path that guides you to wisdom.

There are attitudes of the man who leads him to maturity, one of them is meditation.

Reze. There is immeasurable power in this.

When one perceives the multitude of forms and elements in the universe, he turns to the void, to the vacuum. In other words, emptiness is nothing but the true form of the universe.

Meditation is the glass of the soul’s perspective.

Who meditates rethink something that can be confirmed or modified.

Writers, meditate a lot and correct little. Make your erasures in your own brain.

In solitude is when we are less alone.

Meditating makes us think, thinking makes us reflect, reflecting makes us see life from another angle from another perspective.

The true pilgrimage is meditation in the word and the knowledge of oneself.

Meditation is the discovery that the goal of existence is always achieved at the present moment.

Meditation is the fertilizer of consciousness and an investment for everyday hits.

Meditation on the fact that death is inevitable should be done daily.

Do not live in the past, do not dream of the future, focus your mind at the present moment.

Be patient. Wait until the mud is installed and the water is clear.

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a lucky thing.

In deep meditation, the knowledge, knowledge and the known become one.

There must be something in common between medicines and meditation, they have the same effect.

Attachment to spiritual things is attachment just as any exaggerated love to anything else.

The essence of meditation is deeply reflecting on things. With that in mind, we have separated a list of quotes from Socrates and their teachings, check it out!

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