48 meaningless messages to make your laughter make sense

Who has never released a meaningless phrase? Or did you hear any and wondered it later? Especially those who have a child as a child always witness any feat.

and when the sentence is so meaningless that it ends up making sense? We are even more reflective, not understanding anything. We laugh, nothing happens, feijoada. Not even this introduction made sense!

We selected the best meaningless quotes for you to get distracted and laugh out laughs. Check it out and share with those who need to laugh!

meaningless quotes that will make you laugh

I do not agree or disagree, quite the contrary.

One thing is one thing, another thing is something else.

Now, more than ever, it’s the time.

Every rule has exception.

The human being is defined by his vigor, cunning as a Happy ZĂ©.

I climbed the sleeve foot to catch jabuticaba, as I could not swim stole my bike.

The important thing is what matters.

from now on, the more mainly.

Just don’t buy a bike because I don’t know how to swim.

The sun is born, the bike walks, the wolf howling and the panda bear.

Earth is one of the best known planets in the world.

What is the diminutive of dolphin?

If the wine is liquid, how can dry wine exist?

Why is black halls white?

Why “Everything Together” is written separate and “separate” is written together?

One thing is certain: no one leaves alive from this life.

How do I write number 0 in Roman numerals?

Why is the Red Sea blue?

the united people are people to the damn.

One is little, two is good and three is odd.

Poor only fills the belly when drowned dies.

The only woman who walked the line the train caught.

Jesus saves! That passes to Moses, who kicks and is gooooolllll …

in Rio de Piranhas, alligator nothing on his back.

It is today that I come back tomorrow.

If size was a document the elephant owned the circus.

Because of the hurry, the fly was born without bone.

In life everything is fleeting, except the driver and the collector…

There are evils that come to the worst.

The last will be the first and those of the middle will always be those of the middle.

Money does not bring happiness, so give it all yours and be happy.

Dreaming that you are eating a giant maria-mole can mean waking up without the pillow!

If beard was respect, goat had no horn.

Before late than later.

I without myself I am not.

Life is a back and forth that has no return.

Tell me who you walk with and I will tell you if I go with you.

There are many more important things than money … but they are expensive!

Life is a successive succession that succeed successively without ceasing.

Avoid accidents. Do it on purpose.

Alcohol is the greatest enemy of man … And the man who runs away from his enemies is a coward!

Wherever you are you will always be there.

The dream is not over. And we still have sweet bread, maria-mole and cheese.

better a bird in hand than oxen flying.

These LSD TVs are a drug!

In the city of Natal, Christmas Eve is just night.

It was a very funny house, I had no ceiling, there was nothing.

mere coincidence or thinking of thinking?

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