45 short impactful messages to impress on social media

We often want to express our feelings, but we don’t know how. To help you, we made a selection with the best short impact quotes that are perfect to post on social networks and talk beautiful with a few words. If you love to surprise and want to secure a lot of likes, check out the list below:

Short impact quotes to express themselves in the best way

wise is the one who makes his error a lesson for life.

True wisdom is the one we find in the simple things of life.

I prefer to lose war and gain peace.

The important thing is not to win every day, but always fight.

For a good connoisseur, half absence is enough.

In the land of blind, who has an eye is king.

Every silence has a name and a reason.

An irreverent attitude can make a difference in your life.

The best friend of life is time, he tells the truth.

There is no prayer without response.

Life taught me that not all people deserve our tears.

It’s good to make sure your arms work more than your language.

Happiness without audience lasts longer.

Don’t shatter to keep the other integers.

neither friends nor enemies. Just strangers with memories.

Success is the sum of small efforts together after day.

Life is not just paying slips!

Understanding is not agreeing.

Save energy, use your own light!

Hug without love is not hug, it’s tight.

Do you still dream, or just rest your head on the pillow?

Let love flow in your aorta.

Success can be sweet, but the smell is of sweat.

Run after the hardest, the easiest has a queue.

To educate is not to cut the wings, but to guide the flight!

Focus on being productive rather than busy.

React! Each one will have the view of the mountain that rise.

First rain, then the rainbow. If you get used, the order is this.

well resolved people do not hellize the life of others.

In front, face.

Be your own incentive!

It’s easy to look perfect when you are not doing anything.

Do not cling to something that can destroy it over time.

You are an employee of your happiness. Never outsource this function.

good fighting the world is full. What is missing is good people of love.

When you wonder if it’s worth it, it’s because you have stopped real.

Overcoming is not a choice, it is a need.

Your future depends on what you do today. Start now!

God only listens to a heart that screams in silence.

Hope is the anchor of the soul.

When making a list of friends, make the pencil.

Yesterday does not come back and tomorrow does not wait.

dare to take the first step.

We are like snowflakes, all different and beautiful, each in their own way.

Every winner has scars.

See how it is possible to impact hearts using few words?! Choose your favorite phrase from this selection and share it on social networks.

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