45 rain messages to relax and enjoy rainy days

The rain subject divides several different opinions. There are those who love the rainy days, there are those who hate them for the traffic of the streets, and there are also those who stay on the famous “on the wall”: people who like the rain, but only if they are in the comfort of the home. After all, who likes to leave the house and if it ends up all soaked?

Anyway, a rainy day has its advantages and also brings with it a certain beauty. Have you ever stopped to look at the water drops running around the window? We have selected the best quotes of rain that will inspire you to like her more and admire the rainy days, check it out!

Rain Quotes for Status

How about sharing with your contacts some inspiring message about the rain? Enjoy the tranquility of the rainy days for this! We chose a list of rain quotes for status, copy and share:

Who wants to see the rainbow, need to learn to like the rain.

Look, between a drop and another the rain does not wet.

First rain, then the rainbow. If you get used to it, the order is always this.

For all rain, there is a sun. For every tear, there is a smile.

I shake the sun that the rain has erased.

I don’t need an umbrella or protect me, because the rain that falls today gives me purity and cleans my being.

and if the storm does not pass, dance in the rain!

Rain and cold citations

Along with the rain, there is always that perfect cold to spend the day at home under the blankets. Even the most frequent lovers of heat, surely, know how to enjoy one day like that. Check out this list of rain and cold quotes we selected:

Rain and cold: the perfect combination of in love couples.

I miss the time when the rain did not bother and the cold was not felt!

Although the strong rains of life accompanied by stormy winds and intense cold prevent my sun from leaving, waters purify me and feelings always warm me ….

cold, rain, a blanket and us.

Look for a home in the heart of the other to protect yourself from the rain, already enjoy the warmth of love and shelter from the cold.

I prepare and hope for the rain that is coming, I already feel the wind and the cold that announces it.

There is no cold that freezes a warm heart and no rain that takes the smile of someone cheerful.

Funny rain citations

You can make fun of everything and the rain could not be different! If you do not miss the good mood or the opportunity to make clowning, this list of funny rain quotes will help you, see:

Rain falls and the internet, in solidarity, too.

Rain? That nothing! It’s just my tears falling.

This rain just gives me to sleep embraced with a bag of money.

Want? So make it happen, because the only thing that falls from the sky is the rain.

The only thing that comes for free is rain. And she still from the damage.

If you stay in the rain, the chances of you wet are 100%.

It’s amazing, it only rains when I have no umbrella.

Rain Quotes for Facebook

Rain is also a poetic element, present at important moments in movies and stories. So why not write something reflective about it? Post something on your social networks! We have selected some Facebook quotes that will inspire you, check out:

To see the rainbow, you must not fear the rain.

Yes, my strength is in solitude. I’m not afraid of either timely rain, nor of the great loose winds, because I am also the dark of the night.

Those who pull talk about whether it rains or does not rain – they can’t go to heaven! There is always a long time ago …

Some feel the rain, others just get wet.

Certain things should not hide, a beautiful kiss or even a look at another being; It would be equal to try to prevent the rain from stopping rain.

Resignating to a sad life is to see, after the rain, a black and white rainbow.

May the rain take my hurts and bring back the light to my heart!

Quotes of rain and love

There are those who see a certain loving tone on rainy days. Just that mild mood, a love to share the blanket, a nice movie on TV and that’s it: everything perfect for a romantic moment of the couple. Check out this selection of quotes of rain and love and get inspired!

Let love rain on your garden.

The rain? It doesn’t hurt, wet. Love? You don’t see, you feel.

Trust me, I would walk in the rain at three in the morning just to see you. The love of my life is worth everything!

Few people wait for the rain like a great love.

My love for you is like rain, it can be strong or weak, it will depend on how much my heart is full.

Love is like rain, in certain places or moments appears, and when it hits our hot and dry heart leaves an air that, when we breathe, feel relieved.

Your love is for me as the rain that brings life to dry and sterile terrain, making the most beautiful flowers sprout.

Rain Day Quotes

The lovers of the rainy days they certainly love when the first clouds point in the sky. Some even feel the rain smell coming! If you are one of those, this list of rain quotes is for you, check out:

With rain or with sun, the important thing is that it is a happy day!

I want a rainy day and you to house me.

You say you love the rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains.

The best noise in the world is the sound of the rain falling.

A rainy day is a happy day!

A rainy day is as beautiful as a sunny day. Both exist, each as it is.

Rain is when the sky decides to cry to clean the whole soul.

That rain to rest for sure is too good, but what about the sunny days? We are in the high summer and the heat is what gives that unique mood of vacation, beach and trips. Just take a look at this list of summer quotes that will inspire you to enjoy the sunny days too!

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