45 messages of gratitude for another year of life exuding joy

Celebrating another year of life is simply wonderful! Closing a 365 -day cycle lived with a lot of light is a source of celebration, not to mention that we are talking about your date. In this sense, to help you celebrate it correctly, we have selected citations of thanks for another year of life. Check it out and share the one that best suits you!

Gratifying citations for another year of life loaded with gratitude and maturity

What a joy to celebrate another year of life! May more light come and reasons to smile!

Gratitude, joy, maturity. Only these feelings will invade my heart today. Thanks to everyone who was with me this year!

From time to time, we have to honor ourselves and be grateful for all the good we have. I’m grateful for another year of life!

To celebrate another year of life is to allow yourself to be once again touched by the light of renewal of the Holy Spirit!

Today I am invaded by the peace of knowing that so far I was sincere with myself. Thank you, father, for another year of life!

Balancing World Dreams and God’s Plans for me, I’ve been living here a very happy life. Thanks!

I celebrate another year of life with such joy because I remember well of every battle that has been overcome. Life is very worthwhile to be life!

On our special day, we are led to reflect on time and how we use it. I’m happy and grateful for mine!

Every day lived deserve thanks, especially that of our birth. I’m grateful for life!

Failing to celebrate a birthday is at least ingratitude. Happy another year of life for me!

Spread gratitude for this world, he needs it. Thanks for my birthday!

Another year of life is about thanks, joy and happiness!

Happy birthday to me! May 365 more days come from many blessings out there! Thanks to everyone who shared the date with me!

The feeling of celebrating another year of life is that cold cold in the wonderful belly, and for having the opportunity to feel it, I thank you very much.

Recognize the beauty of life and start over every year. Thank you for another birthday!

I am always so happy on my birthday, because I feel it is a day of the year done just for me. Thank you, my God, for another year of life!

reciprocate to the universe all the wonderful he has given you, be grateful on his birthday!

Remember the year you lived and will have a thousand reasons to thank. The time has come to celebrate another year of life!

Everything that has been won needs to be grateful. Thank you for another year of life!

Many years ago, that same day, God gave me the opportunity to live and called me to be a presence of Him here on earth. Thank you, sir, so!

The time has come to write another chapter of my life. I am grateful to God for what has gone through.

releases fires at ease, it’s my birthday again! Thank you very much!

This year was very growth, maturity and dreams come true. Thanks!

A new year passing can change our way of seeing life. Thank you for another birthday!

From the last birthday here, so many good things happened, I was surprised! Thank you so much, God!

Cutting the cake is a symbol, as well as blowing the candles and clapping; But thanking it is necessary. Thank you for another year of life!

When we thank you, life only improves. Grateful for another year of life!

Today I celebrate another year lived from all my heart and with all my intensity. Thank you, universe!

I pray for a better life, but always being immensely grateful for what I have. Thank you, God, for another birthday!

The perfect word to define your birthday needs to be gratitude.

My greatest gift on this special day is the opportunity to live that I received every day of the whole year. Thanks!

In this new year of life, I will be my best version. Thank you for the opportunity!

There have been so many celebrated birthdays, but gratitude only increases. Thanks!

How good it is to be able to celebrate another year of life while so many miss this opportunity every day. Thank you, God!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, this proves that I am surrounded by special and wonderful people!

celebrating birthday was already an important ritual for me, but you managed to make this day the happiest of all. Thank you, my love!

Let us celebrate the well -lived days and be grateful for those we will still live. Thank you for another year of life!

I’m grateful and happy to be able to complete another year of life the way I love, being free.

A toast to celebrate, a toast to live! Thanks!

Another birthday arrives and, with it, a time of reflection. It was not an easy year, but I could clearly see God’s hand on all areas of my life.

Thank you, God, for my birthday. I am grateful to have been worthy of your grace and your mercy so far. I just ask you one thing: stay with me in this new year of life too?

Dear God, thank you for another birthday. Thank you every good moment you taught me to smile and be grateful. I appreciate even the bad times that made me understand the value of each smile.

Subanjo joy and liveliness, because I have a thousand reasons to be grateful to have lived more this year!

I thank God for giving me another birthday and I hope it is another year of learning as well.

After completing another year of life, I mean: “Thank you, God, for the birthday I spent this year, celebrating alongside amazing people.”

With another year of life, responsibilities increase, but also maturity! To think better about it, be sure to check out reflection quotes on time!

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