45 messages of female freedom full of empowerment and courage

So much is talked about freedom, but few have the right to truly have it. This is the case of many women. In a society considered patriarchal and based on macho culture, history carries with it oppression and violence against women. If you believe in the importance of the feminist struggle for equality, check out these empowered quotes of female freedom!

Female Freedom Quotes that will arouse the heroine that inhabits you

The strength of a woman is her freedom.

The body is yours, life too … say your own rules!

I own my body, my crazes, my own destiny. I know of my power, and I don’t curve to anyone.

My right to freedom and, more than that, my choice to be free, made me the woman I am.

I’m sorry if, for you, feminism is a weapon against “morals and morals” … for me, it’s freedom!

The strings of patterns prevent you from flying!

Woman is synonymous with struggle, courage, freedom and determination!

I am a woman with thoughts, questions and things to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story. I do this.

A man does not define you, your house does not define you, your flesh does not define you. You are your own home!

I’m strength, I’m life, I’m reason and emotion … I’m free, I’m mine, I’m the owner of my heart!

I want men to embrace feminism so that their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice, but also for their children to be permitted to be vulnerable and human.

I am free to impose my opinion, work with whatever I want, do whatever I want with my body, soul and heart. And no one should be able to take this freedom from me!

Woman, detach from the ties of society. You deserve to be free!

I spent many years pursuing excellence, because that’s what classical music is guided… Now I dedicate myself to freedom, which is much more important.

I don’t know if you are out, but I don’t have a registration and sale like a personal property. Don’t get me wrong, but you don’t have me.

They take the freedom from those who judge inferior, because they need to reaffirm their egos trying to supply and their own inferiority.

Who lives under your skin is you. Who cries your pains is you. Who strives to live is you … Don’t let them take your freedom!

women, who revolve the earth with their mouths; that run freely like waters and burn and heat as fire. Women, who resist as stones, who adorn as flowers, who revolve structures such as hurricanes, but cherish like fresh breeze.

The insecurities of the girl I once went to today strengthen the free woman I became.

I am not free until any woman is captive. Even if, her currents are very different from mine.

Female Freedom is a very important discussion to improve interpersonal relationships and, consequently, society as a whole, but … you are not ready to talk about it.

I don’t need princes to rescue me. I am free and alive as the heroine of my own history.

infinite times have shut up my ancestors, and I’m here to talk and fight for all the women who were silent … We are the resistance!

Imagine how happier we would be, how free we would be to be ourselves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.

While the world strives to arrest us, we fight to be free.

Do what makes you feel good, because there will always be someone who thinks you should do it differently. If your choices are hits or errors, at least they are yours.

People are afraid of free people to fly, to bewitch, to say what intuition feels … people are afraid of women who are not ashamed to assume their sacred feminine.

I am too great and powerful to fit in any standard.

I am an independent woman I do not accept oppression. Lowers your voice, lower your hand.

There is no correct way to be a woman and one should respect those who do not want to be like you. Women cannot judge other women.

If it is to cling to something, let it be in freedom.

Don’t be in his shadow, he’s very bright, but it’s not the sun … You’re!

I will not have my life reduced. I will not bend to someone else’s whim or ignorance.

Woman, break free from everything that does not allow your authenticity.

Free the Amazon that exists within you, and you will see that no one else has the power to command your life beyond you.

We are here to bring reflection: How long will women live in need to accept everything? It’s not no!

My feminism struggles for freedom that can benefit you and your offspring one day.

neither servant nor object. You no longer want to be the other, today she is also.

What is the biggest lesson a woman can learn? That from the first day she has always had everything she needs within herself. It was the world that convinced her she didn’t have.

That nothing defines us, that nothing subjects us. May our freedom be our own substance.

Being a woman is born fighting for the freedom that should be ours by right.

Whatever the freedom we fight, it must be a freedom based on equality.

They try to silence their voice, command their body and dictate rules of behavior, but they do it because they are afraid of their freedom!

You were not born to be one more, you were born to be you, and that means you are free to be whatever you want. Fly Girl!

Freedom is a constant struggle.

Every woman deserves respect, freedom and equality. Now, if you are not yet completely safe from your right to freedom, these independent women quotes can help you in this process of empowerment!

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