45 messages of determination and focus to help you keep your goals in sight

Working to achieve a goal can be a little discouraging a few days, right? To help you keep your mood, the tip is to check out these quotes of determination and focus that are pure inspiration. Enjoy and share with your friends who need a motivating word!

Determination and focus citations to never give up

I was born predestined to not get it, but I got it.

You need to focus on your journey to accomplish great things.

If your morning doesn’t work, open your afternoon.

I believe in luck a lot. And I have realized that the harder I work, the more luck smiles me.

I do my job, I’m focused on my career, my goals, what I want to get, in communicating with people, my audience

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have days of twenty -four hours.

Success is not the end; Failing is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

If you want to be happy, do not stay in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Focus on your character, not in your reputation. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.

I can accept the failure, everyone fails something. But I cannot accept not trying.

Motivation is what makes you start. Habit is what keeps you moving on.

The cause of defeat is not in the obstacles, or in the rigor of circumstances, is the lack of determination and withdrawal of the person himself.

What you stay focused on will grow.

Instead of focusing on how much you can do, focus on how much you can love what you are doing.

Don’t stop until you are proud of you!

Focus on what you are good, delegate everything else.

Have determination and fight for what you love.

What does not challenge you, transforms you.

Determination is essential for those who want to get out of their place.

One day without studying is an extra day between you and your goal.

When luck is lacking, there has to be attitude left. Bad luck is afraid of certain people.

It’s not enough just wanting, you need to have attitude. Remember: Life only gives wings to those who are not afraid to fall.

When even the shoe’s lace try to knock you down, walk alone, walk barefoot, but don’t stop walking.

For those who are determined to fly, not having wings is just a small detail.

Determination is the strongest fuel to reach the expected destinations.

Always know where you want to go and leave toward this specific goal. On the way, what is lacking to achieve it will become learning.

With focus and determination, we can achieve the impossible, just want, do what you can and believe.

Focus on your dreams, but focus above all on yourself.

Before you start any task, keep in mind what your focus is on. So you determine yourself to reach it!

In the days that are difficult to maintain focus and determination, remember that one day you have achieved everything you have today because of your past effort.

Your self tomorrow will thank your self today for kept focused and determined.

Dreaming big is starting with small steps, having a lot of focus and determination to achieve the goals.

All the way has its thorns and stones. Learn how to cross them making every difficulty an opportunity, a tool to achieve your dreams.

Focus on its growth, never compare, because each has a unique route in this life.

Do not be discouraged by adversities, for they will always exist precisely to strengthen you and prove your value. Be firm and determined to cross these phases.

Your focus and determination will lead you to places you never even imagined.

we reap that we plan and cultivate. And what have you planted on your way?

May your determination be the fuel you need to get where you want you to want.

Life is made of dreams. For this, it is also made of actions and practices. So don’t get lost in the world of ideas, do today what you can with what you have.

Never let yourself be discouraged for external reasons. Focus on you and your growth only.

No one conquers anything if they do not move. You need to get out of the comfort zone and invest in what you want the most!

What is your focus? What is your goal? Set your goals and, from them, draw your dreams.

Determination is the bridge between your dreams and reality. Cross it with focus and hard work.

Determination without focus does not lead anywhere. After all, we need to aim at what we want to achieve.

One day your focus will be another achievement that you will be proud to say you got it.

Now, how about remaining focused with great mind to realize your dreams and goals? Check out these motivation quotes and keep you access the desire to win and conquer!

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