45 messages of betrayal for those who have gone through this and need to vent

We often think that all the people around us are true and faithful. But that’s where we break the face!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a sensor of fake people and we ended up with our trust in whoever deserved to be around. If you have already had a betrayal with false friends, in a relationship or anyone else, you know what it is to be deceived.

We have selected a list of betrayal for you to share your disappointment and alert others not to believe anyone out there. Check it out!

Trust betrayal quotes

There is no greater pain than being betrayed by whom you trusted your eyes closed and pretended to be a special person. We have selected trusted betrayals that will help express your disappointment for believing in someone so dick. Check it out!

When confidence is broken hardly again.

Now it’s too late to try to fix the confidence you broke!

Who cheats on me and apologizes to get my forgiveness, but will never recover my confidence.

I was hurt, not because I lied to me, but because I couldn’t trust you anymore.

The first betrayal is born eternal distrust.

You hurt me in every way possible and imaginable, betrayed the confidence I put in you and can no longer believe in your words.

betrayal is to destroy in a short time the confidence that took years to be conquered.

Do not forget that I deposited confidence in you, that I believed in you and you cheated on me.

Quotes of loving betrayal

When we choose to get into a relationship we owe our partner respect and fidelity. If attitudes no longer coincide with these pillars, there is no reason to keep insisting on this false love. See our list of loving betrayal quotes and share with those who deceived you and played with your feelings.

If it’s to betray, don’t date. If it is to deceive, do not say you love. If it is to be fake, don’t become a friend. The world doesn’t need it.

Who cheats does not love, because love is respect and betrayal is contempt and disrespect.

betrayal is for the weak, because the strong never exchange true love for any adventure.

Love does not hurt. What hurts is betrayal, lies, disappointment.

You cheated on me and I don’t know how you got me hurt like this. There is no return to our relationship, to our love.

betrayal is lack of character, because who is good does not lie, do not deceive and do not suffer who says love.

When you love someone, love from the heart, because the greatest pain in the world is the pain of betrayal.

When betrayal is a sign that the relationship is over.

All loving betrayal reminds us that in love, as in life, destiny is uncontrollable.

You broke my heart without thinking twice. Your betrayal broke me and I don’t know how to paste the pieces again.

Friends’ betrayal quotes

It is necessary to be very careful when choosing who calls a friend, because when trusting anyone you can end up hurting. We selected friends’ betrayal quotes for you to get away from those who had false attitudes with you.

Don’t sorry for betraying me. The error was mine for trusting you.

Nothing is as mortal as a wound caused by the betrayal of someone we love.

Live my enemies! They, at least, cannot betray me.

The worst of traitors is the one who walks by your side and calls you friend.

Do not be fooled for having many friends, for Jesus was only 12 and was still betrayed.

I honestly thought we were friends and that I could trust you, but apparently I was wrong. You hurt me and I don’t know if there is a return to your betrayal.

A traitor friend has always been a fake friend.

betraying a faithful friend is the same as stabbing him in the back.

greater than the pain of the discovery of a friend’s betrayal is the pain of the discovery that he was never a friend.

Reflection Quotes on Betrayal

There are no reasons that justify a betrayal. See, below, quotes of reflection on betrayal and realize that the only culprit in this story is the one who had this attitude low. Share and show that you do not tolerate this kind of situation in your life.

Who betrays, does not betray the other, cheat on himself. Fidelity is a matter of character.

Only errors can be forgiven, and betrayal is not a mistake, it is a choice.

Be faithful, not because I think betrayal is wrong, but for valuing the love of those who are and has always been by your side.

A brief moment of betrayal can compromise a lifetime of happiness.

betrayal is a stain that never ages.

Just thinking about betraying is already a consummate betrayal.

Betrayal is not just a false step. It is the choice of a path that may not have possible return.

I still believe that going out the door is better than jumping around.

Be single and be with whoever you want, so as not to make the mistake of betraying who is faithful to you.

Betrayal Quotes for Status

If you have already been betrayed by someone, you know how much this attitude hurts and leaves us without ground. We made a list of status betations for you to send an indirect to those who stepped on the ball with you. Check it out and share!

If betrayal had forgiveness, the devil was an angel again.

betrayal has no justifications. We all have a choice.

Solitude can hurt us, but at least it has the advantage of not betraying us.

In a betrayal who always loses is the traitor.

Who cheats one, cheats on several. Don’t fall for it.

Betrayal is a way out for those who do not know how to surrender in full.

betrayal builds shadows where there was only light and love.

It is so unfortunate living in a society where to betray is normal and love is ridiculous.

betrayal is not an accident. Falling by bicycle is an accident, slipping on the wet floor is an accident. Now who betrays is because they want.

The best way not to be disappointed with people is not to trust anyone 100%. See our list of quotes of distrust and always get a foot behind.

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