45 messages from Scorpio to experience the intensity of this sign

With scorpion is all or nothing, it’s eight or eighty: there is no middle ground! Owners of a powerful intuition and the desire to live life intensely, there is definitely no way to stay on the warm with this sign. Many people are frightened by the Scorpians, but it is enough to act sincerely to conquer them. Check out scorpion quotes that illustrate this personality well!

Scorpion quotes to get to know your unhealthy way to be

Never tell a scorpion as it should be or act.

I have no vocation for the warm. Either freeze, or catch fire!

Scorpio is intensity that tears the chest of others, but rather tears the chest itself. It is to feel pain and not show. Is to feel love and overflow.

controlling my language is not the problem, my face is that it needs to be controlled.

Fearless, Queen of Intensity, heart that loves too much, but does not falter, no! Because who forgives is God.

If it’s not to throw yourself with body and soul, I don’t even dive.

I feel more than I demonstrate and know more than I appear.

I’m quiet, I watch, analyze, I speak little … This is my way of waiting for the right time.

I may not talk much, but pay attention to everything.

Vindictive, me? I just repay the treatment I receive.

tough scorpion, because his attempt to be a good romantic was frustrated by any sucker.

Scorpians carry open smiles, sincere words and a heart the size of the world.

pure intensity, scorpion does not usually have a middle ground: either love, or hate.

Scorpion is too transparent. You can’t pretend what you don’t feel or disguise something you are feeling.

You may even lie to a Scorpio, but delude yourself to think you can deceive it.

Here is all intense, from love to contempt.

treated me well, I treat you even better. But if you treat me badly, ah my love, get ready!

Scorpio, intense look and magnetic smile, which makes you want to get lost and never meet.

Being intense is my essence.

Forgive yes, forget never.

Scorpians are intense, passionate, demanding, take their loyalty very seriously and when they choose someone as a friend is forever.

Make me stupid today, but wait because change comes.

Scorpio goes from euphoria to sadness and then returns to normal, as if nothing had happened.

I’m super liberal, but where did you really go?

I don’t know how to pretend, I don’t know how to be in one place if I don’t want to, I don’t know how to laugh when I don’t think it’s funny.

Who is Scorpio always gets what they want, cost what it costs.

Words that do not match the actions do not matter to Scorpians.

I’m not here to receive half of anything or anyone.

I have three sides: the calm and sweet side, the fun and crazy side, and the side you will never want to see.

I hate people who always want to be in control. Only I can always be in control!

Scorpians have a wicked sense of humor and can be really sarcastic in fights.

Never test the patience of someone from Scorpio. You won’t like what you see when they explode.

She uses strength and darkness equally well, a kind of goddess, half hell.

Tell me not to do something and I will do twice and take pictures.

Playing the victim does not work with scorpion, this will only irritate him even more.

Trust your intuition, it never fails.

I am, at the same time, the best and the worst person you have ever met.

I have nothing to hide, but I don’t need to tell you everything either.

wanted to play with me, soon me, the owner of the playground.

When crossing with a Scorpio, be careful, they pick.

If you want to play with me, I introduce you to the rules of the game.

The biggest challenge for Scorpians is to learn to forget.

The secret is to treat people how they treat you.

may even think we are paranoid, but the intuition of scorpians never fails!

Scorpios never reveal their secrets, but they know the secrets of everyone.

Scorpians are special for their sincerity and transparency, but also because they don’t like anything warm. See also our intense quotes to celebrate this eight or eighty side of life!

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