45 messages from Sagittarius to capture the energy of this sign

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarians have a reputation for adventurers and are known for their constant and contagious joy. Governed by the fire element, they love to play in the world, travel and have a free spirit! To know a little more about this visionary sign, take a look at the following quotes below:

45 Sagittarius Quotes to be inspired by this adventurous spirit

Just forbid a Sagittarian of something, that this becomes your greatest wish.

Every Sagittarian has a good heart, but hesitates to see how vindictive he is!

Never confuse my silence with ignorance, my calm with acceptance, my kindness with weakness or my sincerity with arrogance.

the one I love desire to be free even of me.

I like it is crazy people, those who are not afraid of being who are really, those who enjoy life.

Never let fear lock you.

It is indomitable the wind, sailor of the seven seas. He is adventurer, son of the world, lover of his own love.

I’m exaggerated, yes! I hate to live in half.

Sagittarians will always be trying to make you smile.

There is no bad time when you have a Sagittarian by your side!

Sagittarius specializes in pretending that nothing is happening while having a hurricane inside the chest.

she jumps from a hang wing, but is afraid of cockroach.

Sagittarius is a good embodied humor, things sincerity everywhere. Independent, it is the arc, the arrow and the archer himself

They are sociable people, but to the love side they have a high standard that purely fit.

When I surrender, I shoot. When I retreat, I don’t come back.

E, in the middle of winter, I found that inside me there was an invincible summer.

Many don’t like me, but I don’t like many either. So it’s quiet.

Never use a Sagittarian as an adventure. Soon he, the king of adventures, being able to, with an arrow, take you to heaven and leave you groundless just to see if you know how to fly.

I may miss, but I don’t run after anyone.

Easy they come, easy they go. I jump off the train, I follow alone. I never grew up, this is getting tiring. Help me to cling to you.

For dear, I am a nightmare dressed as a dream!

The whole world is an adventure for the Sagittarian.

Beautiful quotes need not be thought and rethought. The spontaneity of a pure feeling reveals great thoughts in a time of light.

sympathy is a feeling that is born sincere in the heart.

Are we going to escape elsewhere?

Without joy, humanity would not understand sympathy and love.

Honesty is the first chapter of the Book of Wisdom.

I am a pessimist for intelligence and an optimistic for desire.

outer appreciation for art is the overcask of intelligence.

Sagittarius women are strong and prefer to be alone to waste their time with those who do not add.

We don’t give false smiles. We do not compliment to please. We do not pretend emotions.

What doesn’t make me good, I don’t miss it.

The laughter of a Sagittarian is able to melt the colder heart and brighten the sadder mind.

Sagittarius is annoyed with those who get into your life without being called.

I make mistakes. I lose patience easily. Crying and river of silly things. I smile for no reason. And that’s my way.

either you risk, or conform. I risk it!

I don’t like halves or middle ground. It is or no. It’s all or nothing.

A kiss for the people who lost me. A toast for those who got lost with me!

I know that everything is always complicated on us. But one day it will uncomplicate, believe me.

Sagittarius prefers to have a passport full of stamps to a luxurious life full of material goods.

The more we mature, the more the opinion of others becomes irrelevant.

A little party never killed anyone!

I decided to follow my heart, listen only to his voice and not give a ball for reason. How did Tum Tum Tum, I went to the ballad.

Sagittarians have an ironic side, lovely side, an unbearable side. And each one has the side they deserve.

The party only starts when I arrive.

A Sagittarian is the party itself! And to continue at all this bump, be sure to check out these quotes of happiness that will leave you with the astral up there.

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