45 messages from father to baby daughter that express the immensity of this love

Being a father is like receiving the best gift in the world every day. It is to deposit inside such a small and beautiful creature such an immensity of love that expands and multiplies. It is care in every second and eternal affection. So, check out more in the beautiful quotes from father to baby daughter we selected and get emotional with this love!

Father’s quotes for baby daughter who will make anyone thrilled

daughter, when you grow up and no longer fit inside my lap, know that inside my heart will always have space.

daughter, you are the hope of a unique and beautiful future.

You, my daughter, carry all the beauty of the world within you.

Everything you are and will be is the result of much love. You are everything to me, my daughter!

Being a father is not perfect for man, but something that perfects him.

Let her sleep when he wakes up, he will be able to move mountains.

daughter, I’ll be here for every cry, every pain and every hug. I will be your eternal companion!

For a man who ages, nothing is more expensive than his daughter.

My daughter, you are still small, but it already gives me every day a lot of pride and love.

daughter, I will love you for the whole. You are my whole world!

To be a father is to discover that unconditional love exists and the greatest and most sincere of all is right in front of our hug.

Sleep, my little one, don’t cry and I will sing a lullaby.

daughter, you are a perfect and beautiful creature of God. Your father loves you infinitely!

I’m your father, my daughter, everything I do is for you to be very happy.

The baby is pure as an angel and new as a flower sprouting.

My daughter, we now start a way together and for you I will give all my love and happiness.

You are the love that made yourself people and delighted all my existence, my daughter.

The child brings a piece of heaven to earth.

daughter, your smile heals all the stress of my daily life.

daughter, you are a star who came down from heaven straight to our life.

A baby has eyes that shine. He opens hearts in the world and spreads his magic.

daughter, you came into the world to remember the strength of love.

My daughter is an angel, in her there is more wisdom than I will ever have.

My daughter is the smallest thing I decided to dedicate all my life.

You are little, my daughter, but it is huge inside my heart.

I never thought it would be so happy to have sleepless nights. I love you, my daughter!

Although small, it is fierce.

daughter, though small, you have already reinvented my whole world.

daughter, your father may not know much of life, but you are the one who motivates me to try my best every day.

You have come to my world, now you have your name and beauty. I love you, my daughter!

daughter, I always pray for your happiness and joy. You always deserve the best!

daughter, my love for you goes beyond everything I have ever felt and lived.

You are peace, my daughter, who brings me hopes every day.

In each part of itself there is perfection and delicacy. I love you, my daughter!

My hands never held something as precious as you, my daughter.

daughter, you are still a baby, but it is the certainty that love always wins.

My daughter, you are the pure power of love materialized in a small little being.

You carry within yourself a sea of ​​possibilities and achievements. You are unique!

You are as essential to me as the air that enters my lungs.

I have no doubt, my daughter, that you arrived in our lives full of love and many blessings.

Your eyes, my daughter, carry all the magic of the world.

You are now part of me, my daughter. You are everything!

You came into the world bringing the true meaning of happiness.

The delicacy of your love explains to me the meaning of life.

daughter, I’ll be here whenever you need it. Count on me forever and ever!

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