45 messages about bad days that will help you overcome bad times

Not everything is flowers, isn’t it? A few days are complicated and everything seems to go wrong, but know that things pass and change, ok? To reflect more on the subject, be sure to take a look at these quotes on bad days. Enjoy and share with those who also need to read a message of comfort and hope!

Quotes on bad days to send the low astral though

It’s good to know that bad days also come to an end.

When you are down and lost and need a friendly hand. When you are down and lost along the way, just say yourself: I will be fine.

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space. You are original, cannot be replaced.

Do not allow bad days to make you believe that everything is bad.

If you knew what the future keeps. After a hurricane, comes a rainbow!

Just close your eyes, the sun is setting. You will be fine, no one can hurt you now. Upon reaching the morning light, we will be healthy and saved.

For the good days: smiles. For bad days: patience. For every day: Faith!

It will come a while, you will see, without more tears, and love will not break your heart, but discard your fears.

Where there is desire, there will be a flame. Where there is a flame someone is subject to burn, but just because it burns does not mean that you will die. You have to get up and try.

bad days build better days.

Believe me that none of us were born with a way for superhero. Our dreams we build. It is overcoming the boundaries, climbing the fortresses, conquering the impossible by faith.

There will always be another mountain, I will always want to move it. It will always be a difficult battle, sometimes I will have to lose.

whatever happens, bad days pass, just like everyone else.

It’s not about how fast I will get there. It is not about what is waiting for me on the other side. It’s the climb!

Go ahead and try to knock me down. I will get up from the floor like a skyscraper.

bad days arrive, but also go.

Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Patience makes you wiser.

You are not your low grade. You are not your bad day. You are not your difficult phase. You are not your past. You are not a medical diagnosis. Don’t limit yourself! You are more than all this.

Want good news in the midst of this hurricane? This bad phase will pass, it always passes.

ei! It will be all right, things will stray. It’s just a bad phase, so it passes.

It’s okay! You’ve had worse days and they passed, right? Just take it firm and will be stronger this one.

Never let yourself be defined by bad times, because they are ephemeral, but you don’t!

A few days are heavier, complicated and it seems that everything will go wrong. But calm down, take a deep breath and continue. Because there is still a lot of good things to happen. I assure you!

It’s okay to cry when you reach your limit. But always remember to compose yourself and continue the walk.

If the sky collapses, dance in the storm.

Never forget that God is always by your side, in bad and good days!

When everything seems to go wrong, remember that God is faithful and never leaves us. Refuge in Him.

Bad days become easier when we have God in our hearts. For, true comfort and love comes only from Him.

God will never give you a heavy cross for you to carry. Know that you can go through this difficult time, because it is and will always be by your side.

God does not abandon your children. Even when the whole world turns his back, he is there, giving support and the greatest love in the world!

You have already lived your worst days and yet it has come here. Strength, you can go through this difficult time!

A few days are really bad and this is part of life. So, take it firm and know that tomorrow is a blank page to start from scratch.

Not everything is flowers, you need to go through spinous paths to get to the end.

It is the bad days that make us see the value of good and happy times.

Everyone has bad days, nobody’s life is perfect and everything is okay to feel that way.

Life has these: a few days are great, others are complicated and all this is part of one’s evolution.

Try to face bad days as a lesson. What can you extract from them? What did you learn from these complicated moments?

It’s okay to have difficult stages. It’s part to have complicated days, but all this passes and the sun soon shines again.

Don’t get carried away for bad days, because they don’t say who you are. Only you can say who you are really.

If you want to cry, cry. If you want to do anything, do it, but the next day get up and fight for a better day!

ei, the universe will still surprise you! Don’t be discouraged because you’re having a bad day. Believe me, there is still a lot of amazing things coming.

It’s okay not to be well. Life is anyway. A few good days and some bad. Everyone goes through this!

Do not compare your pain with anyone’s. Because everyone has a bad day, but few talk about.

Be like a phoenix, which is reborn from the even more powerful and strong ashes. After all, that’s what bad days serve.

The day is bad, right? Don’t worry. Moments like this praise the good days. You have come here and this is enough!

Never cling to difficult times, because they come to an end. Also check out these citations of hope to never lose faith in life.

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