45 love declaration messages for your son that show your affection

having a child is a great gift, but sometimes with the rush of everyday life, the words of admiration are more shy and are little expressed. So, see loving quotes of declaration of love for child who are ready for you to demonstrate this beautiful feeling. Be sure to send and pay your honor!

Quotes of Declaration of Love for Son who show how special he is

I feel blessed to have the person I admire most as a child. You are unique!

I forget any difficulty when you smile, son. You make it all worth it.

I stopped everything I was doing to come to say how much I love you. Son, always count on me.

I thought I had already known the greatest love in the world, but then you were born and showed me something even bigger. I love you, son!

I will be your defender for a lifetime, like your guardian. I will be your protective warrior, your first direction. I will be your angel on duty.

There is no alphabet in the world that can form a word that explains my love. You are everything to me, son!

Son, you are the most important person in the world for me. You will never be alone!

son, my biggest challenge is to stop talking when they ask me about their qualities!

My son, my affection for you exceeds any barrier. Regardless of the distance, we will always be together.

Blood connection was a scientific fact, but our heart connection is a choice. I love you, my son!

Good thing there are the photographs, to keep my little one always in my memory. My son, how much longing!

I thought I would get used to so much love. But every day this affection only grows in my heart. Ah, my son, one hour I’ll explode!

Son, even if everything goes wrong, two things in the world are 100% guaranteed: my lap and my affection.

There is no award-winning mega-sena that compares with the luck of having you as a child.

Son, you give me the strength to continue and to be someone better. You inspire me in every way!

You make me happy every day. How lucky my having such a special child!

I have so much to tell you, but with words I can’t say. How great is my love for you!

I only know that life is more colorful with you.

My life has improved from the moment I held you in my arms. My life gained a new meaning, son.

Since the day you were born, a lot of beautiful things happened to me.

My son, I bless you and Improve you to thrive. The Spirit of God is upon you!

With each passing day, I find even more reasons to love you. I always want to be by your side, my son.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it got better when you arrived.

You breathed and the world shone again. Tears fell to see how we were blessed.

My son, the love I feel for you has no explanation. You are my greatest gift!

Because everything of me loves everything from you.

I wanted to know how to fly from the top to be able to see you. Seeing you smile, see you dream, beautiful things I want to tell you.

I ask in all my prayers so that God will keep your heart good and protect you from any evil. Receive my blessing, my son.

Promise it won’t grow away? Promise it will be forever like this? Promise this radiant smile every time you think of me?

Welcome, my new being! Surrounded by protection, so much love, so much peace inside my heart.

Son, there is nothing in this world that I would not do for you.

I felt love, I found peace of the purest type. And your love shines so strong! You bring me back to life.

So much to learn, my lap feeds you and me. Let me pamper you, love you!

Ah, my son, I hope that one day you can understand that a father’s love is impossible to describe.

But with each passing day, I feel that my world is getting more beautiful. And it’s you!

You bring me hope when I can’t breathe. You give me love, you are all I need.

Son, when you were born, the reason for my reason for living.

was born together

plane without wing, bonfire without ember, it’s me like this without you.

If an angel finds, I’ll ask him to protect you. Oh, star that makes me see that life is beautiful to live.

son, I may not give you the best the world has to offer, but I will always do you my best.

Piece of Dream that makes my want to wake up to life.

I’ll strive, do everything for you to be happy. Whatever you want, respect what is yours, be you!

Son, your guardian angel is my best friend. I always ask him to protect you when I can’t.

But I just want to remember that 10 lives, 11 I would give you. That was seeing you, that I learned to fight.

I will always be in the front row applauding your achievements, son. You are my pride!

It is so good to share this pure and true love. And to show how special your firstborn is, how about posting a photo with him on social networks? Don’t worry about words, just check out these photo subtitles with child.

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