45 indirect messages to your ex-girlfriend that show it’s over for good

ending a relationship is delicate, especially when they are hurt on one side, but it is important to end cycles to move on. To prove that you exceeded and is already in another vibe, check out indirect citations for ex-girlfriend. Share them so that she see that you are well alone and that she needs to overcome.

Ex-girlfriend indirect quotes showing you move on

Good time, time goes by and the person is no longer important in our lives.

Our relationship has served to prove myself that I do not need to accept the first thing life offers.

It’s no use crying now. You didn’t value me and lost me.

I keep feeling the weight of freedom and thinking that I could have released me before.

Only those who know you know that this angel face is disguise.

Not even in my memories you have a place more, imagine in my heart.

I don’t come back with ex because I know the next one will be much better.

Heart calls and no longer sorry for your humiliation.

My heart is smart and will not fall into your spell once more.

You weren’t all this to go out saying that you would never forget you.

You stayed behind, just like all the harm you tried to cause me.

In my future, there is no room for you. Enjoy your place in my past.

It took time, but I realized that I know how to be happy alone and you can’t stop me.

When you lost me, I wanted to apologize, but it was too late to believe you would change.

I will spread love around and I will find someone who really wants it.

My heart is not broken, it is free to leave toward the next.

Life is made of chances and you lost yours when you mistreated my heart.

No use inventing things about me. Everyone knows it was you who didn’t want me anymore.

Ex who does not accept the end of the relationship needs to understand that life does not revolve around it.

I have nothing against you, I’m just happy to see myself free from your ties.

If you ask me, I forgot you and I will give a party for this achievement of my heart.

I’m glad it is ex. If it were current and acted like this, it would become ex once again.

The longing you left left with the wind and told me it no longer comes back.

What was lacked was maturity and I will pay in the same coin with an indirect proving that I have forgotten you.

is over and ready! If only one person does not want to relate, there is no way to have a relationship.

Without you, I found that the air is lighter, the days are more colorful and no one steals my shine anymore.

I learned to like me better and that’s when I realized that you didn’t have space by my side anymore.

I want you to look good, but I stay well away from you and always better.

You have lost the best you found, but I will still find someone better than you.

ending with my ex was difficult, but I never felt so right about something in life.

This is the last time I address you: I will be happy and far from your false love.

You stayed in my past and I don’t need to revisit it to know that the future will be much better without you.

I know you’re fine, but I mean I’m better and happier without the usual dramas.

Too beautiful to suffer for eg you choose to leave and now you want to go back.

It’s not a competition, but I know I would win if we went to measure who came out better after this end.

You may cry that I won’t call. I’m focused on enjoying my life and being well with myself.

I didn’t want me anymore and now that I surpassed and I’m happy, don’t try to ruin what I have achieved.

I hope you will disappear and understand that we no longer belong to each other.

I grew up so much when you would not be able to go back to what we had one day.

I don’t feel hateful or pity, I just don’t feel anything about you.

I hope you follow your way and that he never crosses with mine again.

Since you insist, know: I’m going out, enjoying it and you don’t go through my head or a second.

I thank my short memory that has already made me forget you.

If it was something good, I’ll remember. At the moment, I can only see how screwed me.

Thanks for teaching me that happiness does not need to be with those who do not deserve me.

Now just walk forward and leave the past in your place. If you have a relapse, check out quotes for loving overcoming and be strong to start over and be happy again.

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