45 indirect betrayal messages for those who hurt you and deserve to hear you

A betrayal can come from many places. A friend, a love, a co -worker. All are able to hurt you and end your trust. If this happens to you, don’t leave cheap. Say the truth loud and clear with these quotes of indirect betrayal. Check it out!


Your betrayal was proof that I never went to you what you were for me.

The person treats with betrayal to those who clearly care about him and then do not know why he ends alone.

Trair has become normal for you, but for me, it remains the worst thing in the world.

There are people who cheat as something normal, as if it didn’t hurt others.

I want to go away and forget that one day I had you in my life. Exactly the way you always wanted.

Did you hear this sound? It was my trust breaking in a thousand pieces after its betrayal.

I learned not to trust anyone, because when I least expect it, people betray me.

When you realize you lost me, remember that it was a consequence of your actions.

I only listen to betrayal coming out of your mouth. So be quiet so I don’t stress with you anymore.

It’s in your history, it’s part of you. You are a traitor!

I will get my loneliness because at least she can’t betray me as you did.

What I told you was to be a secret. Having spread to everyone only made you a traitor.

dizzy it was me, who believed you would change and wouldn’t hurt me again.

Empty promises is with yourself! Speak, speak, speak and do not fulfill anything what it says.

shame in the face was something you lost a long time ago. I betray and no longer has the effort to hide.

I keep all my secrets to me, because I don’t trust who is around me.

The problem is that society encourages, applauds and still finds it beautiful when a betrayal happens.

Thanks to you, I got a new paranoia: to suspect everyone will cheat me.

The first time I saw you, I knew I would hurt me, but I didn’t want to hear my intuition.

I want to thank you for the gift you gave me. A beautiful pair of horns that will not leave my head!

Despite your betrayal, I know I didn’t deserve it, because different from you, I am a person of principles.

The disappointment came from the place that I thought would only come love.

Forgiveness has a limit and mine is over. I don’t excuse you anymore and I don’t want you anymore.

Stop testing my love and confidence with threats. This is also a form of betrayal!

The greatest proof of the absence of character is your ability to betray who only wanted you well.

Being unfaithful was your choice. Mine now is not looking at your face anymore.

The traitor’s face is stamped around, but is it me that you want to attack?

You managed to surprise me, but it was a way I never imagined witnessing.

The guilty of betrayal is never the betrayed, but the traitor, who shows his character deviation with his actions.

Live my enemies! They, at least, cannot betray me.

I believed you and was deceived. Now, I won’t trust anyone anymore.

Silence is a friend who never cheats.

It is prudent not to trust entirely to those who deceived us once.

broke, there is no repair. Do not think your empty words will solve something.

I can’t overcome the way you hurt me. I don’t know how you gave the other person, who meant nothing, the same thing you gave me.

You deceived me, your love was cheap. He was always exposing his flaws. I fell in love deeply and you disappointed me.

Do not blame anyone else, you are responsible for what you did.

Now I understand your despair, which even in the bathroom takes the phone. Turn off if I’m on the side, says it’s unloaded…

I think I loved you, now I think I hate you.

The face doesn’t even tremble for lying that you didn’t betray when everyone knows yes. You have no character!

Chacota reason for me is the one who cheats and humiliating friends.

Do so, first place, you disappear. Second, it becomes a man. You are the third who lost me.

It was not an accident. You wanted, it was there and did it. Betrayed knowing what he was doing.

Who is a good man, does not betray the love that wants his good.

I’m not suffering, just trying to understand how you were able to do this to me.

Be aware that betrayal is not your fault. To learn to start over and give your heart a new chance, check out relationships overcoming and dry your tears!

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